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The summary:

"At the end of the day, rational autonomy is inconsistent at best and most likely incoherent as an ethical system. The DFWCoR (DFW Coalition of Reason) cannot rightly claim that they hold to the same “compassionate human values” that religious believers hold unless they reach a conclusion about those values on an irrational basis (tradition or divine revelation). So that leads us to the question: Are their families great without religion? If by great they mean upholding such “compassionate human values” believers hold, then the answer is no."

Same as the last, scroll down for the comments section, Facebook or Twitter gets you in, no appearance on your FaceBook page (uncheck the box).

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Richard, did this one yesterday. Visit to see my response.

Dude, I saw it, recognized the name.

(excellent comment BTW)

I've been busy chasing down current articles, promoting this group off-site, trying to get some of the more activist-atheists interested, and trying to fend off attacks (some people don't seem to like my approach to atheist activism).

Friend me on Facebook, you'll be in good company, link's on my profile. Do you have a Twitter acct.?

Yes, though I don't use it much. Will go to Facebook and find you (I hope. Still kinda a novice at this stuff). There is also a discussion at this site on SSM and DOMA, which I've posted on numerous times, even discussing (arguing) with the moderator. He seems to have an affinity for my posts. Found it by going to opinions, picking a topic from columns on left of page, (I always choose Prepare To Give An Answer) and scrolling down to bottom of page. First one is about DOMA. The most active site there. But be warned, the moderator likes to delete comments. Hasn't deleted any of mine yet, though. And I will always use my name, if at all possible, so anyone can talk to me directly. Don't want to be anonymous on this stuff.

"Yes, though I don't use it much. Will go to Facebook and find you"

Link on my profile here, takes you straight there, check out my friends list. You may be spending more time there, lot's of great people to subscribe too. 

"the moderator likes to delete comments"

I know, he seems to have a problem with cold hard logic, yet; civil dissent.

There's also an excellent Atheist Nexus Facebook page, probably more activist than most on this site.

I'm heading that way in a moment. I found my comments on #6 page on this discussion. Still can't seem to get an answer from him about what he means about age and kinship. Any ideas?

It's meaningless, …all of it. I guess when I used the term, "word salad" in my comment, it peeved somebody.




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