"Oh boy... you may have already seen this one: Washington Post article.

"These people are lost; without God and, thus, without hope."

This reminds me of most christians I know who ask me from where I get my purpose, if not from god?

It doesn't surprise or offend me as much as it just makes me feel sad for them. All their hopes and their own sense of personal purpose is derived from an imaginary external source. It blows my mind.

Also, they always seem to be under the delusion that we're all miserable. I may be the happiest person I know! I think my friends would describe me as quite enthusiastic about life. There is SO much to learn! My only regret is that I'm halfway done already and I have at least 1000 years of things I'd like to do! Life is great! :o)"

~ by Jude Johnson 18 hours ago

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Comments section "sign in" options for Washington Post

Marked that fire hydrant.

Which user-name, Jon?

I'm HumphreyOsmond (at Washingtom Post and Huffpo), I'll post there soon, I have to write a persuasive letter to a high-school soccer coach tonight (dammit! this morning…).

Richard, just signed in to Washington Post. I'm topcat7. Already left one for Cal.

300+ comments on that article... wow, there's a discussion that needs to be happening, we def need to bring this on the mainstream media. I never thought I'd say this, but I don't think there's enough religion talk on big mainstream media!




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