I have never met a cat that doesn't like to play. Even the old, arthritic ones I've known can muster the energy to bat at their toy of choice.

What toys do your cats love? What things do they turn into toys?

My youngest goes absolutely insane over long grass. We have a hay field, so certain times of year, there's an entire field of toys. Individual blades are not that exciting in situ, but once removed and waved in the air, or dragged along the ground... woo hoo! Excitement!

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The cats in my household all love those little plastic rings that come off of milk jugs. They like the caps too. Laser lights are a great toy b/c if you're feeling lazy, all you have to do is wave it around. I also had a cat that loved a ball of foil. Ties that hang off a robe are fun to chase.

A way to get my fat cat to exercise: we'd give her some catnip. Me and my brother would sit on opposite sides of the room and take turns calling her over, so she'd run over and we'd pet her, and then she'd run to the other person and get petted. I think she caught onto it though.
There's been a dearth of those fun little plastic rings since the cohabi-tater quit drinking milk. I haven't been able to for years. We stopped giving the wee rings to our cats because one of them was chewing them to the point where I was afraid she was going to swallow some of the plastic. Thankfully, they have found other small things to carry around.

I have back problems, so having a laser pointer is great.

I've never heard of someone calling a cat back and forth. That's funny!
The older of the two I have likes cell phones and pens, or he hates them... I can't tell. But when ever they're on the coffee table, he'll jump onto the table, walk over and just sit there with the phone or pen in front of him, paw at it until it goes over the edge, then give you a dirty look.
Maybe the dirty look is because you didn't put the cell phone or pen back up so he can knock it off again? Mine love the "Make the smelly ape pick up pens for me" game.
Oh no, if we do that, he'll just keep knocking it off, then eventually jump down after it and push it under the table so no one can pick it up again.
This time of year, all you have to do is start wrapping presents...
We tend to take the long ribbon off packages given to us and put it out of cat alimentary canal's reach.
Heh. We have linoleum in our kitchen and dining room, so I can get some amazing corner skidding going from the living room to the dining room and into the kitchen if I sit in the right place in the living room.

How old is Mr. Bizkit?
Kitties are definitely good for what ails ya. May Mr. Bizkit live long and prosper.
I even have a prescription from my doctor recognizing my kitties as therapy tools...

Cool doctor!
Neat idea for the fat/lazy cats I picked up from a vet friend: Come feeding time, she'd put the food dish up on a counter or something and make the cat jump up for it. She'd let him have a bite or two, then put him back on the floor. So for every other bite of food the cat has to jump back up.

As to toys; I had a cat that would play fetch with wadded up bits of paper. I start to crumple a store receipt to throw it away and she'd be right there, dying for me to toss it to her.

Milk jug caps and rings are indeed great toys.

A small tree branch waved in front of them.

Laser pointer, though some cats get way more into it than others.

And finally, mine too like to play the make-the-smelly-ape-pick-up-the-thing-we-knock-on-the-floor game.
Do you still do the cat food work-out?




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