Hi all. Thanks for joining. The more, the merrier! I hope you have as much fun here as I'm having.

Anyone can start a discussion. The "Add Discussion" button should be at the bottom of the discussion title on the front page of our community, or to the left of your user name when you're reading one of the topics.

If you have any technical difficulties, or suggestions, feel free to contact me in this discussion, or add me as a friend so you can send me a private message.

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Who would like to help moderate the community? It isn't that hard. I'd like to see other people involved, just in case I go AWOL.

Moderation would be a group effort, other than outright banning cat haters. I'm serious about this, no exceptions. We haven't had a problem, but I'm not interested in closing the garage door after the cats have got out. I like to be proactive. I'm not sure if that's a power that non-administrators/moderators would have. I don't think I can make people co-admins. We'll see when someone(s) volunteer(s).

Your duties. Let me show you them.

Changing out the "featured video" once a week. I take the ones that haven't been featured from the "Cats on Film/Video" discussion, and retire the old one there.... unless they've already been posted.

Featuring discussions, like I'm going to do with this one.

Changing the decor ought to be a group admin/mod decision, with input from the group.

Please comment here, or send a private message if you'd like to help moderate.

Rather than commenting here, please send me a private message. I've just responded to two people who are interested.

Please add a warning to any posts where there are any disturbing pictures of cats, ie. violent death, torture, etc..., or discussion of such acts. This hasn't been a problem, but there's always a first time. Since people who join this group are cat lovers, it would be most considerate.
Ning now offers people the option to leave anything they've posted on the site if they should decide to end their membership on Nexus. I'm hoping that people will chose this option if they decide to leave. A couple of members left Nexus and deleted all their content who were members of our group, so now there are huge holes in conversations.

Please check to make sure that a topic hasn't already been started.  It's more fun or helpful if one topic continues through time, rather than each person making a post about the same or a similar topic, and then each of these posts sliding off the front page to obscurity.

Hi Fellow Ailurophiles,

Sorry for being AWOL for so long.  I'll have to see who else is an admin. and rattle their cage.  I have Little Name Atheist's email address, I'll see if I can scare them up.




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