Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist reports:

...According to a new article in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion... there’s a statistically significant correlation between how often you go to church and how many pets you own.

And the more you go to church, the less likely you are to own a cat....

"… more frequent churchgoers… are less likely to own a cat, but there is no association between worship attendance and dog ownership."

...All of this is based on the 2018 General Social Survey, and I wouldn’t read more into it than “Huh, isn’t that interesting.” Just because there’s a correlation doesn’t mean all pet owners are consciously trying to have more meaning in their life or anything. But it’s fun to speculate.


Somewhat related:

Orange cat answering the door to find a door-to-door missionary: “I’m the only deity this house requires.”

How Dogs think [pic of Benji the Boxer lying on a couch] ‘They feed me, they care for me - they must be gods’ / How Cats think [pic of an anthropomorphized orange tabby in an ornate wingback chair, holding a cigar and being served by a uniformed maid with a tray] ‘They feed me, they care for me - I must be a god’

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Cats are good judges of character?????? Hahahahaha........

As a commenter at Friendly Atheist suggested, maybe frequent churchgoers are trying to fill a cat-shaped hole in their heart?





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