One moment they are our cute and cuddly, lovey-dovey, adorable little furballs. The next, they are methodically torturing another creature to death on your pillow.

What are some of the most sadistic, disgusting things your cute-and-cuddly ones have done/left for you? Why do you suppose they do this? How long does it take you to put it out of your mind so you can snuggle with them again?

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For me...

Odie - the stray who adopted me briefly - would leave me the face. Not the entire head, just the face. Thankfully he would at least leave it well outside. Unlike...

My two twisted sisters I have now both prefer to bring their prey into the RV (my 20' house). To their regular feeding area. Still very much alive, screeching/chirping in pain and terror. I've seen them even put the thing in the food bowl to finish killing it.

Cinco, the dominant one, recently brought a barely-even-maimed chipmunk, then proceeded to release it onto my bed. While I'm still in the bed. I've heard that cats will sometimes do this because they realize what crappy hunters we humans are and that we need to be taught how. Ergo, they are not only bringing their torture victims to us live and dead, but they are also telling us how pathetic we are.

Awwwwww..... Ewwwwww...... Awwwwww......
ha ha, I hate when they bring it alive for you to hunt. YIPES! Our Squirrelly Bleu mostly brings moles and mice... with the head gone... directly onto the stoop step, so you have to watch out every morning. Guess he likes the "head cheese" and is saving the rest to show us.
Every once in a while, he'll sneak in a live something and I just leave the room!
I think Odie was inviting you to partake in an arcane cat ritual where you "become" the prey by wearing its face, therefore making you an even mightier hunter.

The Twisteds are doing the cat version of a horn of plenty via their food bowl, priming the pump, so to speak.

Of course, Awwwwww..... Ewwwwww...... Awwwwww...... is the appropriate chant for being honored to witness these rites.
My sweet little Star eats bugs. Sometimes she bats them around before devouring them. Not that I'm a fan of insects, but. . .gross! Then she tries to cuddle up with me. I wait until the bug parts are gone before I let her.
Many insects are very high in protein. If the recession gets worse, you may end up thanking her.
Moths - plenty of "ewwww" factor.

Speaking of "Awww... Ewww...", as I was putting out food for the wild birds the other day, Slayer of Rodents And Small Birds If Ol' Opposable Thumbs Hadn't Moved The Bird Feeders Out Of Reach sat down on the bird table, which I found humorous... until she started rolling in the bird shit on it.

Awww... Ewww!

More than likely, she's not getting any head kisses for a while, until I forget about this episode.
Yeah - I've learned when they greet me as I come home from work, I need to smell them first before the head-kisses.

Can't say I've ever seen them rolling in shit though. Yours gets the prize on that one!
It was dried, hardened birdshit, but still...
Only fair; you feed kitty dinner, kitty in turn feeds you breakfast.

That tale may well get the rude-awakening prize! I think it would have taken me a month to get back to sleep after that!




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