One moment they are our cute and cuddly, lovey-dovey, adorable little furballs. The next, they are methodically torturing another creature to death on your pillow.

What are some of the most sadistic, disgusting things your cute-and-cuddly ones have done/left for you? Why do you suppose they do this? How long does it take you to put it out of your mind so you can snuggle with them again?

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"My cat affection trains me, not the other way around."

Well said!

And I agree that we don't want to suppress natural behaviors. At best, redirect them like looking at life through the cat's POV to try and discern why they've decided the bed is a toilet and what we might do to make the litterbox the more attractive toilet.

Though I do still think much of what they do is disgusting and sadistic. It's just that in the feline mind, disgusting and sadistic are fun. }> Hence the title of the post: "Awww ... Ewww." Cinco brings me a still-screaming-in-terror baby bird and I'm not about to get mad. She's caught herself dinner and loves me so much she wants to share it with me. It's the ultimate show of love and loyalty.

So she'll get lots of praise from me. "Oh, thank you! How cute are you! Remember though - if it has or recently had a pulse it's an 'outside toy.' Let's take it outside to finish torturing and killing it. Good girl! I'm so proud! Awwwww! Ewwwwww! Awwwww!"
One of my cats woke me up by dropping a live snake on my naked leg. Freaked me out! My subsequent jumping straight out of bed knocked the snake off the bed so that my husband thought I had made up the whole thing. Fortunately, we did find the snake. My cat just gave me a "what's all the fuss about?" look. :P
Wow - I love snakes, and that would still freak me out.



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