Let's share favorite pictures of camouflage cats.

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Do solid-colored stealth cats count?

I love these two that Ruth shared on Atheist Ailurophiles:

And there's this one:

That last one is further proof that cats are liquids.

Another liquid kitty:


I'M BEING A KITTEH / LOL(cheezburger)

Yet more proof that cats are liquids!

Reposting the broken image from boredpanda's list "30 Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Sleep-Fu":

Great photos of cats! 

A dimly lit living room + a black chair + a black blanket + a black cat = A very well camouflaged (and none too happy) Moses who has gotten sat on more than once! ;P

Ouch! I'm sure Moses would certainly prefer either different fur or different surroundings!

Anyway, that reminds me of the quote (in Kandice Goldenbeld's photos) about philosophy, metaphysics, etc. which includes "Theology is like being in a dark room and looking for a black cat that isn't there and shouting 'I found it!'" and "Science is like being in a dark room and ... using a flashlight."

A commenter on the black cat analogy at "What Would JT Do" wrote:

Experimental Scientist:

Dark room, black cat, dim flashlight, and a laser pointer.

Smart Experimental Scientist:

Same as above, but wearing thick canvas and a face mask.

Grinning Cat, is that why so many creepy people on Hallowe'en torture and kill black cats? Is that fear and superstition at work?

Dunno... but all year round, black cats have bad luck trying to get adopted from shelters!



I can see how being a black cat on a black furry chair is dangerous. Maybe a red throw?




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