Let's share favorite pictures of camouflage cats.

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A camo cat with a multi-step plan:

(tabby cat lying on their back across one step of carpeted stairs, almost invisible) Step 1: make myself look like a step / Step 2: have human trip over me and tumble down the stairs / Step 3: walk away like I don't care

(via cheezburger.com)

Purrin owns the stairs in our home.

An excellent example, Grinning Cat!

Good grief!  I just got that one from my wife!  Fact is, though, I'd worry that the cat would be badly hurt if someone stepped on him/her like that!

Another stealth cat -- sourpussdough perhaps? 

Just loafin' around.....

This one is fantastic, thanks!

Great cats!

Expurrt-level catmouflage!


the colours look photoshopped to me, but the result is great!




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