Furst, teh gramerz!!11

Naow, teh LOLs:

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EVRBODEE iz smartur than thiz man....
The chalkboard is smarter than this man.

A funny picture about cat lovers and the upcoming "Judgment Day". Click through for the complete cartoon and caption.




How I'll Spend May 21st -- from "Alligator Sunglasses":

What part of MEOW didn't you understand?"What part of MEOW didn't you understand?" is one of Nancy Lebovitz's calligraphic buttons. She has many others for cat people, including

"Books. Cats. Life is good."

"Dogs have owners. Cats have staff."

"Because cats read with their asses."

"Bastet's Paradox: Every cat is the center of the universe."

"IT's HARd to tYpe wHILe holdINf a Cat."


(More pictures of her buttons in "What's Up?")




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