I got to wondering what y'all have named your kitties!

Mine have been:

Theaulait, my very first cat, who was the color of tea with milk -- sounds better in French. ( use to call him Theau, and no one could spell it!

Ankle Biter, named by my then-teenage son, who quickly became the baby Blargosaurus, and ended up as Blarger. She was brain-damaged from having been dropped off a roof onto a concrete driveway by a tomcat who kidnapped her from the kitten box in the open house of a friend. Undeniably the dumbest cat I ever had, but sweet, even so.

Isamu, a Japanese Bobtail, whose breeder wanted him to have a name starting with the letter "I". Itazura (mischief) was already taken, so I named him the name meaning "manly". But I call him Shmuelke, Shmuli, Bam-Bam, Bammicose, and anything else that comes to my mind.

Tule, short for Hatul Shel Yaarot, because he was part Jungle Cat, and the name means Jungle Cat in Hebrew. Israel is part of the Jungle Cats' habitat, and I have a beautiful picture of one on the shores of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee). In spite of his wild blood, he was extremely laid back and loving, and totally companionable.

Katami, which means "inheritance" in Japanese, and also (sort of) "love of cats" in Esperanto. I got her and her sister,

Dorami, which is the name of the sister of Doraemon, a famous Japanese cat cartoon character, from a drug addict who was trying to make money. I didn't care if I bought them -- I rescued them from an apartment from which the resident was getting evicted, and they are almost 13, and still healthy and happy.

Stubbin, a Cymric (long haired Manx) means "tailless cat" in Manx Gaelic. He's black and white, and a totally one-person cat -- disappears when anyone comes over.

Ferric Oxide, which means rust, because she was a torbie with a lot of rust-colored patches. Of course her nickname was Rusty.

Mi Ke In A Way, shortened to Mimi. She was a smoke tortie, which means she appeared to be a tortie, but underneath, her fur was pure white. In Japanese, mi ke neko means a cat with three colors, usually referring to red, black and white cats, and she wasn't exactly what they meant, but she DID have three colors!

Supapan, a seal lynx point and white Siamese. Supapan means "little doll" in Thai. She had the biggest, most beautiful dark blue eyes you ever saw!

Takkyuubin, a black cat, named after the Japanese equivalent of Fedex, because their logo has a black mother cat carrying her black kitten.

Fudesaki, a Japanese Bobtail. The name means "the tip of the writing brush", and he got it because he was all white, with only one dab of black on his forehead -- looked like someone got him with a writing brush. Unfortunately, he died in kittenhood of FPI. :-(

SunnyBodlair, also known as Monster Child, Bugugly, because she has a squashed-in face, and Psychotica, because the only place she will be petted is in the bathroom sink. She's a dilute calico Selkirk Rex, complete with curly hair and curly whiskers. She got the name Sunnybodlair from the Lemony Snicket books -- Karl's talent was remembering anything he had read; Violet's talent was being able to invent anything, and the baby, Sunny's talent was to bite. Well, my baby, when she was a kitten, ALWAYS had something in her mouth!

Kalispell, Sunny's son, who, because the Selkirk Rex breed was discovered and developed in Montana, got the name of a city in Montana. His sister, who died as a kitten, was named Ijkalaka, a Sioux (?) Indian name that is also the basis of the name of a town in Montana.

Mongkut, a chocolate point Siamese, got the name of the king of Siam in the movie "The King and I". But he's also the Holy Tearer, the Destroyer, and the B-52, because he's getting FAT!

Some of these cats are gone now -- I only have 7, but they are and always will be my babies! :-)

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Our first cat was Mushroom. When she was adopted, the little boy wanted to name his cat for a vegetable. She was grey. We got her when he went away to college.

First was Smoke, because her fur was a grayish color. Softest fur ive ever had in a cat

Fluffy was next, we got her from someone else, so she was already named. White cat, very loving.

Tuffina 1, 2, and 3. The first one was from the same litter as Smoke, but we had to give her up because she refused to use the litter box. The 2nd one was from the next litter of Smoke's mother, she ran away while taking her to the vet to get fixed. The 3rd one was a cat that just keep coming to our house, and we eventually took him in. Got killed by some wild animal(probably a possum).

Then was Socks. I named that one because we had just read the books Socks by Beverly Cleary in class, and he looked just like the cat from the book. The funny thing is, Socks looked just like the 3 Tuffinas, and I almost named him that, not doing so might have saved him, lol.

Flash named himself. When he was a kitten, he would run around the house at top speed, regardless of whatever was in his way. There was nothing else we could name him.

We got Thorns after my brother's cat(Fluffy) died. He was named because he would sleep with my brother, and stab him in the night.

Nothing as interesting as yours so far! Shadow (black), Felix (tuxedo) were the first. Now I have a tuxedo named Gypsy...the reason is because I got her from an apartment building where several residents had taken her in and left her behind when they moved out.

A Russian blue named Sasha. A black cat named Spirit.

I love thinking of names. I won't have kids but I can still use the names for either cats or characters (some names don't suit cats as well, I think). I like the name Mabel for a cat...

Our kitties are named Ronin and Shadow. We liked the idea of naming our boy kitty after a master-less samurai--and the bigger he gets, the more he is living up to his name. Shadow is named after Shadowcat; Shadow seemed a better name than Kitty for a cat who seems to walk through walls (but is still on the wrong side of every door).

My first  cat was named Cher after the singer/actress. I soon acquired three additional cats, all males, which I named Drusus, Gaius and Claudius. Unfortunately, Drusus died from a bladder infection at the age of four. His colleagues both lived to ripe old ages; Claudius 15, Gaius 16.


I didn't remain catless for long. Someone gave me a long-haired calico which I named Fluffy. A year later I picked up a stray cat at work. She was quite a prize, an all black Manx. Both of these cats disappeared before they were three years old. I suspected that both fell victim to a coyote or Great Horned Owl. These predators are common in this area. From then on, I kept my cats indoors.


About the mid-1990's a farmer friend gave me a pair of female cats from a late summer litter, worrying that they'd die from the cold if left to fend for themselves in the barn. I named them Smokey and Midnight. Smokey died from cancer several years later. This was the first time I ever heard of a cat contracting this disease. She was my lap cat and I was deeply grieved at her loss.


Within a few months I got another pair of female cats. One was an orphan that someone dumped off at my niece's farm. She asked me to take the kitten in. I took one look at her sorry little eyes and couldn't refuse. We removed several ticks from the little critter and I soon took her to the vet's for an examination and shots. My niece had already named the coal-black cat Cricket. Cricket doesn't like to lie on my lap while I watch TV, but she does enjoy perching atop my PC monitor whenever I have the computer turned on.


Later that summer I went to a cat adoption drive sponsored by The Massachusetts Homeless Cats Project. I came home with a short-haired grey Tortoise Shell/Tabby named Suzi. She had already been spayed and innoculated. She soon replaced Smokey as my lap cat.


Midnight died a couple of weeks ago at the ripe old age of 15 years, 5 months.

Hi all! New to the group- had to comment on this thread!

I currently have two black cats. Wasn't intentional just the way it happened.

My older cat is called Bruce. I get asked all the time why I called him Bruce. The only answer I can come up with is, "because he's a Bruce." He was a rescue with no name, and, I don't know, he was just a Bruce.

My younger girl is named Wednesday. I'm not in favour of buying kittens from pet stores, but we were in there for something else, and I went over to have a look at the kittens, and she DEMANDED to be taken home. She was climbing the walls, screaming at us, while the other kittens slept in the corner. So she came home, and boy, did we ever name her right. Jesus Christ she was and continues to be high maintenance. We don't sleep if she decides it's not time to sleep. For months she screamed at us every time she was hungry. I can't even list anymore the things she's broken, but put it this way- we now buy our plates from the op shop, and drink out of plastic glasses. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body- she's just VERY energetic! She runs this household. Her litter must be the right type, and of a certain standard of cleanliness, or she WILL use something of ours. There is only one type of litter she will accept. If she decides she wants to eat Bruce's food, he just stands back and lets her. Talk about spoilt!

Ahhh, kitty names!

We have three right now: Julie is a lilac point, my ex-husband named her when we got her. Her brother who's actually my father's cat is Samwise or Sammy, after LOTR (the loyal cat!). Dimitri is our adopted cat, a black cat with a white "crotch patch". Then Gizmo is our rescue cat. We pulled him off the streets as a kitten. He's a little feral and wirey, but we love him anyway. 

Through the years though... let's see.... Princess was my first when I was a child, a gorgeous Himalayan. Then Thomas our blue eyes fire-point Siamese. Those two had 2 litters of kittens together. =) We kept two of the kittens, one we still have her name is T.J (Thomas Jr.  even though she's a girl, haha). The other we gave to my grandmother, Rusty. 

After that, Chai was a rescue and a very feral cat, but I loved her. Calico, hence the name. I then rescued another stray from my ex-'s backyard. That ended up being my BIL's cat, Guinness (he always wanted a black cat to call that... )

Oh! And Kiwi, she was my "replacement" after Princess died. She's a Siamese, and an ornery little one. ;) 

There are three cats I have had the privilege of naming over the years.  The first of these was a sweet lilac-point Siamese who was one of few survivors from an owner who had died and whose death was undiscovered for several days.  She was a sweet old lady of a cat who wound up with the moniker: Shri Padmapada-ji, though generally referred to as Padma.

Some years after Padma came on the scene, my girlfriend and I discovered a tabby-cat wandering about the hallways of our apartment building.  This cat looked much like my current kitty, Boo:

We returned this as yet unnamed kitty to our apartment, where I had Paul McCartney's Ram album going at full blast.  The cut that was playing: Monkberry Moon Delight ... and thus this kitty was named, though frequently Monkberry, Monk or Meep (she didn't meow so much as she meeped!) for short.

Many years later, married with a seven-year-old daughter, I came home from a field service call to discover a tiny bundle of butterscotch fur on our sofa.  "Daddy, daddy, we got a KITTY!" my daughter excitedly announced, and after getting our new addition sorted out with a veterinarian-friend of mine, I considered a name for this truly tiny fellow (no more than two months and probably not even that).
The final verdict?  Munchkin:

A.K.A. Munch, Munch-a-bunch, and many other variants!










These have been my cats in forty years - the seven on top of the list died. All were/are mongrel cats I took from the animal shelter when they were young, and they were/are wonderful friends to me. I really dread the time that I will be too old to take proper care of my cats, and I hope that it will be a long time before I'll have to do without them.

We also named cats for Star Trek: Jadzea from Deep Space 9, B'Elanna and Neelix from Voyager.




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