This is doubly funny to me, as I live with an engineer and cats.

Addendum: 2010-02-14

This category is for videos of cats..

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I saw that yesterday..very funny.
I'm always amazed at the things people do with their cats. I wouldn't even try any of it with my girls; they'd filet me. As it should be.

Did you see this one? There's a shorter version, but I like this because of the addition of other engineers and cats, plus one "cat". Also, his really bad German-Swiss accent. And... the really dorky engineer sequence at the beginning, "Free Aspect Ratio".

Atheist Cats:

I have to watch this one at least once a year.
This is amazing, and beautiful. Probably better if you can hear the music that goes with the video.

My cats need this really, really badly! The ones in the video are so gorgeous. Though I think that if my cats tried it, they wouldn't be as graceful. Nimble they are not, lol!
I have a feeling that they might become more nimble with practice. When I take our terrific two out for walks, they both hone their coming down out of tree skills. They are both getting much better at it, and they learn from each other.
Me too! My two might not be so polite about it, or one would use it and chase off the other.
Pavlov's Cats:

This one is too cute :-)

Hysterical kitty cat video!

I wonder what s/he was trying to eat?
I was wondering the same thing.

Whatever it is, kitty-cat wants it quite desperately. Lol.




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