This is doubly funny to me, as I live with an engineer and cats.

Addendum: 2010-02-14

This category is for videos of cats..

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I know I've posted about the Caboodle Ranch before, but this video (even though some of the facts aren't quite right) is great.

The guy that runs Caboodle Ranch is great.
Evidently Johnathan Coulton is a Bad, Bad Man!
Dirty, fickle, fickle cat!
Talk about drama!
Cat engineers is hilarious...thanks
You're welcome.
This is hysterical! Our new featured video.
I wish I could have gotten this on camera this afternoon: I got up and wandered into my parents' bedroom, where one of the cats was serenely napping. I petted him and started scratching on his lower back / tail-base. He stretched out and arched and stuff, and then heard a high-pitched, thin-sounding, whiny fart. I'd never heard a cat fart before that, though I had several times suspected that I smelled it.
Smell-a-vision would be ideal.




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