This is doubly funny to me, as I live with an engineer and cats.

Addendum: 2010-02-14

This category is for videos of cats..

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via Found this on the I have kitten fever.
Me too. If only I had staff, and was rich, and had a huge house, I'd have a kitten for every room.
That was wild! I think the woman in the video is projecting a bit. The cat could probably care less about meeting Oprah and the others.
I tend to agree. The cat seems to be resigned to having her/his paws dipped in water. That made me laugh.
Zombie Kitten Apocalypse
This is compelling, and creepy/terrifying at the same time.
Someone does not look pleased.
Cat Gets Called For Jury Duty

Big kitteh noises! Serval goes nomnomnom....
Heh. I'm surprised the person who made the video didn't get the "nom nom nom" part.




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