This is doubly funny to me, as I live with an engineer and cats.

Addendum: 2010-02-14

This category is for videos of cats..

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Thanks so much for posting this. I just listened to it again, and realize that what I thought was a peacock off in the woods was a bobcat!
Yeah, I can't tell you how many times I've gone tent camping and while worrying about bears unknowingly listened to a bobcat go on for hours.
This was already posted, but I am enjoying watching it again. The music in the background is perfect.

I've seen cats take special measures to get water, but this is the most unusual.
Ah yes, corporal cuddling!
Once upon a time I would have had to get a new face if I'd tried corporal cuddling, but I occasionally do it these days and don't loose parts.
Kitten rescued by Kay LeClaire, oldest woman to have scaled the tallest peaks on all continents.

Who knew that the Simon's Cat person had produced more videos?
I would like to give that cat a top hat and a cane, and play The Michigan Rag and see what happens.



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