Study Finds Images of Puppies Improve Cognitive Performance

Need to complete a task with precision and care? Look at LOLcats first!


People who watched pictures of puppies and kittens before doing the tasks were much more careful and paid more attention to detail and execution, significantly improving their performance.

Viewing cute images elicits a perceptual, cognitive and a physical tenderness. This response obviously evolved in relation to caring for infants and young children, as handling them with care and being attuned to small changes in their behavior has clear evolutionary value. But this study demonstrated that perceiving cuteness also has an immediate impact on perception and behavior in contexts that have nothing to do with caregiving or social interactions.

Researchers concluded that inducing these carefulness tendencies could be useful in everyday tasks that require both perceptual and behavioral attention to detail, such as driving and office work. [emphasis mine]

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I did teacher training college with at least one cat on top of my books...

Hey!  Good to know.  My old brain needs all the help it can get.




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