My elderly cat wouldn't eat today, not even baby food. Sorrow invades my mind. Here's an expression of my feelings.

Yes, it's scary as well as sad.

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I appreciate everyone's support. I'm over my grief, now. This is my new Ragamuffin, a 3 year old who was neglected as a kitten and consequently is extra shy.

Such a pretty girl! I'm so glad you were able to give her a home, and accept her even if she is shy. Adjustment to new surroundings and people is difficult for a cat that wasn't held and loved and socialized as a kitten, but with patience, I'm sure she will become a pleasant companion at the very least! :-)

Oh -- what a pretty cat Mira is! She has a wonderful home now!

Thanks for sharing, Don. You've gone through a lot with these cats. I know how the days of decline really stay with you, more acutely than the happy days of normal life. I felt guilty with all of my cats that died, for not being able to protect them. For not being more than perfect. Even though I did the best that I could. We really bond with them as family members.

Although I've adjusted to my two new cats, they don't come close to replacing Misty's unique close connection to me. She became so much a apart of my life. Now I look back and cherish all of the days she came up on my lap, here at the computer, and licked my chin for "treats now, please."

I hope you have good memories from Mittens, Siffy and Junior to reflect upon and cherish too.

Same here Ruth! I felt so bad when my kitty died.

I wished I could have done more.

So how are your new "babies"?

I was wondering how they are adjusting to everything now.




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