Has anyone here used an exercise wheel for your indoor cats? I have two very athletic 6 month old kittens, and we plan on being in out 1000 sq. ft. apartment for another year. These two already bounce off the wall; they need something else to consume their energy when we can't play with them (we gotta sleep sometime!).

Are they safe? Quieter than two hyper active kitties thumping through the house at 3am? Are there any brands or building plans you would suggest? Let me know!

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I've considered this myself - my home is a bit bigger, but my cats are indoor only.  I would be interested to hear other people's experiences with this. 

Meantime, one thing I found works well for my bunch is hiding food for them to have at night, which provides mental exercise in addition to physical.  You can use "Slimcat" balls (http://www.amazon.com/PetSafe-SlimCat-Food-Distributor-Ball/dp/B001... ), or even just use cardboard tubes with one end pushed in (from toilet paper or paper towels etc)

That sounds like a great idea Sarah. You'll have to keep us updated on the cat exercise.

Here's a website on how to build an exercise wheel.


Wow, that site is fantastic. Seems the author and I have the same criteria in terms of price, size and style. Thank you!

Awesome Sarah I am so glad to be helpful.

I would love to get updates and maybe some photos of your cats exercising.

My husband is hoarding the photos and videos on his camera. I'ma have to just take it soon.

I have a cat jungle gym that all but touches the ceiling.  They can scratch, climb, hide, swing, and play with mice on a string.  I have it by the window so they can watch the birds and squirrels.  They love it.  It is also next to a tall chest so they can jump to the chest and on to the kitchen cabinets.

This is my dream for our next home. Bonus points if it has access to a catio!




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