Friday, June 22 - Take Your DOG to Work Day, from the CAT's Point of View

The publisher of The Pet Press forwarded this to me early this AM (and I'm still struggling with the Calendar! Felaine)

Enjoy!  ;>)

10 reasons for cats to celebrate "Take Your Dog to Work Day"

(THE COMFY SOFA, My House, Annapolis, Maryland) June 22, 2012–Finally.

You humans might not be aware of this, but we cats have had this date circled on our calendars for months: Friday, June 22, is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Are we jealous that it’s not Take Your Cat to Work Day? Hardly. In fact, as the official spokescat of the CATalyst Council, I present to you our own Top 10 list of why cats should celebrate this day as well:

  1. Our midday naps will not be interrupted by incessant, frenzied yapping sparked by the mail carrier’s arrival. Or a squirrel in the yard. Or the wind blowing the tree leaves. Or absolutely nothing at all.
  2. Getting the couch all to ourselves. Enough said.
  3. A respite from the tedious licking. (I mean, really…if they’re going to lick, at least they could make themselves useful and groom something.)
  4. No sliding in the drool puddles left behind on the tile floor.
  5. No mile-wide water spills around the dog bowl.
  6. We’ll finally get to eat our own food. All of it. No sharing.
  7. No “I get to go outside and you don’t … nyah, nyah, nyah!”
  8. A rare opportunity to use the dog bed as a scratching post. Or litter box – it’s our choice.
  9. Being spared the humiliation of the most base of all canine greetings: the infamous and oh-so-annoying Butt Sniff. How uncivilized.
  10. Finally, peace and quiet when nature calls, and no fear of some crazy canine with questionable culinary habits raiding the litter box when we’re finished.

We know this day means a lot to you and the dog, and we hope you enjoy your time together at the office. Don’t worry about us, and don’t be afraid to put in a little overtime on Friday. In fact, if you enjoy your time spent together at work, why not just go ahead and make it “Take Your Dog to Work Year?” Or “Leave Your Dog at Work Day?”

Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council (and my roommate), offers her own advice for cat owners.

“While Friday isn’t ‘Take Your Cat to Work Day,’ why not make it your very own ‘Spoil Your Cat After Work Day,’ with extra playtime or a special treat when you get home from work?” Dr. Brunt says. “And while you may not be able to bring your cats to work with you and your dog, you can—and should—bring them with you to the veterinarian at least once a year for regular veterinary check-ups. If you really want to pamper your cats, make sure to schedule a ‘Take Your Cat to The Veterinarian Day.’ By providing the same level of veterinary care for you cats as you do for your dogs, you’ll help them live the happiest, healthiest life possible.”


The CATalyst Council is a national organization which includes a wide variety of animal health and welfare organizations as well as corporate members of the animal health industry that are working together to improve the health and welfare of America’s favorite pet. It was founded in response to troubling statistics released by the American Veterinary Medical Association that indicate an increase in our nation’s pet cat population coupled with a decline in veterinary care for those cats. More information about the CATalyst Council is available at

For more information on CAT Stanley, including how he got his name, visit his section in the CATalyst Council web site at

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I'm in agreement with the cat, especially on #1 and #9.  It seems some dogs bark every-time an electron changes orbit, and that butt-sniffing is indeed uncivilized and gross.

I used to pet-sit to supplement my paycheck, and about 70% of my "clients" were dogs.  I loved the big, laid-back, goofy dogs, but I finally raised my rates for little yappy breeds.  I got to the point where I started thinking about things like..."Oh, I'm so sorry, but a coyote jumped the fence one night and ran off with him...."

However, as to #9...I've had 2 neutered male cats (one is 13 and the other is 14) for about a year now, and they still act like strangers.  And they do occasionally indulge in sort of "drive-by" butt-sniffing behavior.  A single sniff, and "Oh, it's just you," and keep on moving away from each other. I was hoping they would be friends...   *sigh*

I have a thing about dogs and butt-sniffing mostly because so many are not content to take a quick sniff, they have to JAM their nose into not only your rear, but your sensitive reproductive organs.  WOW!  What's that all about?  

With such super noses, why do they feel the need to jam them in there?  Does it give them some kind of high?

I know some cats that would miss the dog.

You're right!

Thanks! That was an awesome read.

My pleasure!

I actually finished the Calendar on time, Lori liked it, and now I'm trying to write a grocery list....and get some sensation back in my rear end.  I paid a LOT for this "ergonomic" chair, and I think I'd rather go back to using my 25-year old steno chair.

Ahhhh....Happy Caturday to everyone!


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