Group member Jo Jerome was in a motorcycle accident, and is currently recovering from her injuries. I was thinking maybe we could leave her some appropriate "Glad you're still alive", "Hope you heal quickly", etc... messages, or tokens of our esteem.

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You'll want to be drinking some Crusha, which is good for you, and be working out at the gym to build back your strength.

The above video is definitely best appreciated (and likely was designed) under the influence of lots of Percocet.
Heh. I'm hoping I never get to find out how great this is on Percocet. I watch it over and over just to watch the kittens jumping in unison on the trampolines. I wonder sometimes if I have OCD.

I hope you feel better soon! Here's a classic for you (sorry, can't find a way to imbed this one):
Amazing how something that's about two years old is "classic" in Internet time. I'd forgotten about that video. Love it!
Well I guess Ceiling cat is on the job because when I looked up this morning I saw this

Hope your feeling better, and watch out for ceiling cat I think he's on his way.
Ceiling owl is watching you masturbate?
No that is ceiling ferret (note the terror of being discovered).

The ferret or you?
Sorry to hear about your accident, Mary. Feel better soon!

I'm such a computer dummy that I can't send you any cute cat pics, but others did. Enjoy!
LOL! Thanks guys!

Sorry ... I have indeed fallen a couple of days behind on my A/N activities. As to the "Invisible Bike Crash" photo you posted Mebah, that looks very similar to the game Cinco and Seis would play as kittens which I called "Atomic Fusion." You know how much of the sun's power comes from hydrogen atoms moving so fast in such a dense space that they collide and create massive energy bursts? Kind of how like 2 kittens in a tiny RV will stalk and spontaneously slam into each other, momentarily becoming one, fused entity of energy and chaos?

I am home now and healing nicely. Began DIY physical therapy today and am receiving lots of feline psycho therapy.

Thanks again guys!




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