Group member Jo Jerome was in a motorcycle accident, and is currently recovering from her injuries. I was thinking maybe we could leave her some appropriate "Glad you're still alive", "Hope you heal quickly", etc... messages, or tokens of our esteem.

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Kitten colliders. I'm surprised someone hasn't created a video game.

Sometimes the emphasis is on "psycho" when you're getting feline psycho therapy.

Hope the PT is going well.
Have to say, I might have to look up 'Youth of Britain' and get a CD of theirs. Interesting music!

Meanwhile, I found one that might explain some of my post-injury, recovering-at-home mysterious setbacks:

Heh. I love love love Simon's Cat!

You did hide all the baseball bats, though... didn't you?

I wonder if Youth of Britain is techno, or industrial? I can't keep up with genres and sub-genres.
Time for a health update Mary. Are all your bits healed?
Yes; Mary Wood has changed to her born-again Atheist name, Jo Jerome.

Just a matter of Internet privacy. I don't mind friends/family/coworkers knowing I'm Atheist, but there are conversations I have online that some just wouldn't 'get.'

As to the recovery update;
Bits are healing nicely, thank you all. ;-) 5 steps forward, 2 steps back, especially for us uninsured Americans. I'm sure I'd be doing better with the orthopedic surgeon follow-up and professional rehab I'm supposed to be doing, but DIY physical therapy isn't going too bad. The cats are of course great help. If mostly psychological help.

Oh, I did manage to break my little finger a couple of weeks ago (smashed by a customer's car door). Actually, according to the ER Doc, 'break' isn't the word so much as 'shattered' ... 'pulverized.' But this one will be covered by worker's comp. Never a complete fracture in my life and now two in two months. I'm thinking this is nature's little way of telling me I need to take a couple of months and just let the kittens look after me, eh? Yes, Diablo's Siamese attitude occasionally scratching me on the nose is much safer than MVAs and rogue, wind-blown car doors.

Heh. Nothing like a Siamese to keep you in line.
So it's taken me waaayyyyyyy too long to post these, but after my two new rescue kitties decided I hadn't died and abandoned them after all, they did their part to aid in my recovery:

Broken Collarbone: Start with slow, isometric exercises using light weight.

Sprained/torn ... basically everything on the left leg: Helpful to have something that can be both a mild heating pad and security system. Though what he's scaring off I'm not entirely sure...

That first kitty is Diablo. Firepoint Siamese and with all the Siamese attitude that comes with it, hence the name. The second one ... hard to tell perspective because I can't get the two of them to sit next to each other, but he is fully 2 1/2 times the size of Diablo and you can see why I was looking for variations of "Sabretooth" for a name.

In the end, his official name is "Good Lord Your Jaws Are The Size Of A Volkswagen." Unofficially and in the interest of conserving syllables, I call him "Puma" for short.

Heh. It's amazing that the sound that comes out of Diablo comes out of such a tiny body.

Thanks for the photos! The mystery is solved!

Are you fully healed yet?
I'm mostly recovered. I can FINALLY sleep on my left side again (shoulder), which is awesome because a pre-existing and far more permanent injury to the right shoulder makes it uncomfortable to spend all night on the right side.

The knee is now in that phase of recovery where it will be stiff/wobbly/not-always-feel-fully-connected/pop-from-time-to-time for the next year or two. But it's just something you learn to live with in the case of torn ligaments. ;-)
Too bad someone hasn't developed some sort of forcefield for people with injuries so they would be supported in the most comfortable position.

Have you had knee/torn ligament issues before?



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