Have you read "Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World"?

I imagine most of you have, but I just finished it and loved it.  I shed many tears at the end when Dewey died in 2006.

For those who have not, Dewey was found as a nearly frozen kitten in the drop-box of the Spencer Ohio Library in 1988.  The head librarian nursed him back to health, and over the next 18 years, the two were the best of friends.

He lived in the library most of the time, even at night when it was closed.  He loved eating rubber bands, but was very picky about what food he would touch.  He greeted everyone that came to the library, and won their hearts.  He seemed to love people.

However he loved the head librarian most, and they comforted each other through sickness and health.  In his later years, he started giving her a wave of the paw as she approached the front glass doors each morning.

His antics and love soon made him famous in Spencer and the number of people that came to the library increased dramatically.  Most came just to visit him.  He eventually became famous world-wide, and received visitors from many other states and countries.  There were several camera crews that filmed him for documentaries, and untold multitudes of still photographs were taken of him.  He came to know when a still or video camera was pointed at him and would pose majestically.

He lived a long life despite having an expanded colon that made his bowl-movements very difficult.  He loved being petted except on the stomach, which caused him a great deal of pain.  He finally developed a fast-growing tumor which caused him a tremendous amount of pain.  The doctor said there was no hope, and he looked at his friend with eyes pleading for help, so she made the difficult decision to have him put-down to stop his suffering.

They planned on making it into a movie with Meryl Streep playing the head librarian, but I can't find it on IMDb.  Does anyone know if they still plan on it?

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I was gifted with the book a couple years ago, and was thoroughly delighted by it and by Dewey.  As it happens, I own a cat who is a Maine Coon in healthy portion if not pure-bred, and he is very much a gregarious, social, and playful fellow, as Dewey was.

I googled Meryl Streep and Dewey and got some news reports about her being involved in the movie you mentioned, but nothing that dates past 2009.  There's also no mention of the movie in her planned or post-production credits on IMDB.com.  This makes me rather wonder if the movie got delayed or shelved for lack of interest by those with the bucks.

That's about all I can figure out at the moment.

I read the book a couple of years ago, too.  Didn't know anything about a movie, but somebody mentioned it the other day...just in passing.  They didn't know any more about it than rumors.

Did you know there's a Library Cat Society?  Really.  They don't have a web site, but you can Google it and find it mentioned on other cat web sites.


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