So my gray medium hair domestic 'Rick' is driving me nuts. I've had him about a month now and he's decided that 4am is time to wake me up. He'll meow for 20-30 minutes straight. Jump in my bed and kneed the blankets next to me. Goes out in the living room and bathroom and meows some more.

When he first started doing it around day 2, I just figured he was lonely and not used to his surroundings yet so I would console him, check on his food/water (both almost always good), make sure no nightmares in the litter box (I clean it out daily or sometimes twice a day since day 1).

I looked up some stuff and determined I probably have been trained by my cat to respond to meowing. The advice I've found is to ignore his arse, and try a spray bottle (but I've also seen that specifically listed Not to do).

Some other information: I'm gone ~9hrs a day for work and commute and try to sleep 8hrs a night(not happening lately). When I'm home I play with him several times 5-15min at a time until he loses interest, and have been right along. He has several toys; balls with bells, shoelaces-which are his favorite, round ball racetrack thing. I've got a medicine bottle with holes in it and treats but he doesn't seem to understand the concept that if he plays with it treats will fall out. I recently got a laser pen which is a big hit, and raises his heart rate more than playing with the other toys but it doesn't keep him wore out till 7am like I'd prefer :)

So, what am I missing, if anything, that may improve my situation? I've considered getting a second cat so he's not alone all day and has someone to play with at 4am, but without a better understanding of the problem, I'm afraid I'll have two meowing cats at 4am!!

Oh and he was just at the vet two weeks ago and has clean bill of health and he is about 2.5yrs old. I got him from the SPCA and they didn't have any history on him.

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You can try an easier food dispenser toy, such as toilet paper tubes - start with both ends open, then you can squish one end shut.

I think the 2nd cat is a good idea, especially if you will be consistently gone for that much of the day.  You might have 4am cavorting, but probably not so much meowing. 

It has been my experience that the Siamese breed meows the most.  Does he have any of this in his family tree?  I, too, would recommend a second cat but just be sure it has no Siamese traits.

Alas, none of my current batch are Siamese, but they are my favourite breed of cat, even though they meow frequently and loudly (though I've found they are so people oriented that they tend to do their meowing during the day when their staff are up and about).

He doesn't appear to have any Siamese, he's a grey striped domestic shorthair, although he could have small amounts of anything in him, who knows.

I had heard about Siamese being vocal and I was hoping for a mute :)

My son has a British Blue and it is a handsome, sweet cat.  She is very distinctive with a stocky build, broad head and shortish tail.  She loves attention and is definitely a lap kitty.

I think another cat will stop your problem. In fact I've had the same problem years ago, and a second cat restored harmony at once. Just now your cat is very focussed on you; you only have to snore  little louder and he'll decide that it's time for action.

Now that the days are lengthening and the light is stronger my cats are a lot noisier. With a high wind on top they run around like mad and have the time of their lives. 

One last thing, he's not a lap cat. He can be held for brief periods of time, but he generally doesn't like to be carried and he won't get in my big TV chair with me even though the arms are big enough for him to stand or even lay on. He sleeps on the bed, but usually at the end by my feet.

So 3 votes so far for a second cat. I'm going to give him a few more weeks to a month and see if he is still just getting used to the environment and schedule. I 'm not against a second cat, so we'll see. Maybe I'll get a black cat this time, which was actually my original intent.
Here's Rick up close.

A beauty! but then, I've never seen an ugly cat. Try to find out what sort of cat Rick would get along with. And use Feliway, to make them feel at home.

Long before Feliway-times I had striped tabby Ludwig who wouldn't let me sleep. He was a real alpha male type, but when I came home with 4 weeks old Mischa - neglected by her mother because her eyes were inflamed - he started mothering at once. First time I saw a tomcat with painfully red nipples.


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