Coronavirus: 'Keep cats indoors', vets recommend

Research has shown cats may be able to catch the virus from other cats.

To prevent any risk of pets carrying the virus from owners' hands in their fur, British Veterinary Association (BVA), president Daniella Dos Santos encouraged owners to take "sensible precautions".

"Practise good hand hygiene, try and keep cats indoors," she said.

"Avoid unnecessary contact with your pets, such a hugging or allowing them to lick your face, and do not touch other people's dogs when on walks."

He says there's no known case of people catching COVID-19 from their cats. But we've only recently learned cats get it. There hasn't been time or resources to scientifically investigate the risk of outdoor pet cats spreading it from owner to owner.

Our current cat is elderly and in poor health. If she dies, we'd expected to easily get a new pet. Now that's become a risk factor.

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Mine are always indoor cats....have been for decades.




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