I'll bet you thought that this is the ONE group on Atheist Nexus where you would never expect to hear any mention of the 45th president of the United States.  Well ... I genuinely hate to burst your bubble but, considering the content of this latest piece by Keith Olbermann, I HAD to post this here.

Because I've had dogs and I've had cats and I've loved them all ... and what Donnie and his idiot-children are doing here is just unconscionable, never mind plainly heartless.

Resist ... Peace.

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Every day the Bannon/Trump Regime takes 15 disgusting, sickening actions before breakfast, it seems.

Ruth, you have a phenomenal talent for understatement!


I love my dog Alex and my kitty kat (that's actually her name cause I'm weird). This deeply disturbs me on so many levels.

Ugh indeed! ("Liking" the reporting/sharing, not the facts!)

TL;DW (for folks like me who prefer reading to watching) :

Information was just pulled from government websites, including USDA's records of whether breeders/zoos/labs/circuses/etc. violated the Animal Welfare Act or the Horse Protection Act. Now you'll need a Freedom Of Information Act request, which could take years, to find out whether that cute puppy for sale came from an abusive breeder or puppy mill.

Also, "During the campaign the Trump people briefly put out a proposal to limit what it called the 'FDA food police' in part because the FDA 'even dictates the nutritional content of dog food'." The FDA recalled pet food 23 times in one year; 11 of those were to pull poisoned pet food off the shelves.

trumPutin seems to have never lived with a pet, never loved an animal. Not even puppies and kitties are safe from the Republicans' institutionalized corporate greed!

The puppy would have grown up before you got that information!

Ty GC. I prefer reading.

It's probably better than Trump never had an animal as a pet.  I wonder if Trump treasts women like abused, or neglected animals.  Romney's vacation with the dog strapped to the roof of the car in a carrier is bad enough.  If Trump had a dog it would probably be rabid because of theories that vaccines cause ADHD.  (sarcasm).

What's next? Baby food.

Kathy, the way they're going, it could be ANYONE's food, including yours and mine.  They want to dispense with oversight because it's inconvenient and cuts into profits.  Injuries and/or deaths from contaminated or otherwise problematic foodstuffs is just collateral damage.  Indeed, it wouldn't surprise me if the next step were an effort to cut the average citizen off from access to the courts and with that, at least some means to get recompense.

This is an exceptionally slippery slope, and we may already be on it.

Loren, so it's the same crazy business as usual in warp speed. The politicians who are elected to serve the people are self serving per usual? I can think of very few who actually fight for the platform they ran on. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken come to mind.

45 POTUS appears to have no conscience, morals, or ethics. A dreadful excuse of a man. Those family members and business associates who let him get away with his utter stupidity exist as part of the scum of the Earth. They have no redeeming qualities.




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