The other day, I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business.  I stretch out my knee-cramped leg, and... put my bare foot into something.  I really should have looked first, because the texture/feel wasn't familiar.  Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed a compressed clod of grass.

Yes indeed... the youngest cat will carry them around, like great booty.  She brings them up from the basement garage when I forget to clean up anything I pull out from underneath the lawnmower.

What unexpected things does your cat drag in?

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So far, nothing unexpected. As the dead/dying animals are quite expected.

Ooh, except for once when Cinco brought me a very alive, very not-dying, very mobile and spry chipmunk. Dropped it on my bed right next to me. I'm going with the theory that cats recognize us as crappy hunters and she brought it so I could learn/practice.

Have to admit, it worked. After a lot of hysterics and some new swear words, I did manage to catch the thing (burrowing under my sheets) and toss it back outside.

But just a clod of grass? Does she eat grass? Maybe she prefers dining indoors?
I'm talking half the size of my fist, moist, and holding together. It's the by-product of cutting grass in a yard that has a "rain garden" grassy area. Almost like a hairball, but not as disgusting.

A wild chipmunk burrowing under the sheets is definitely unexpected, and a bit challenging.
One of my more spazzy cats ran in the house with a beard of grass once...

he also brought in a live baby rabbit. I pried it out of his mouth and thought it was dead, but then it hopped away. Unfortunately he killed it a few days later and attempted to eat it in the house. He was a barn cat before we got him.
Heh. I wonder if this cat poet would write "Beard of Grass".
Hieronymus: Mouse heads (body eaten), Bird head+wings (body eaten)
India: Live lizards (to play catch & release in the house)
Catherine: Shrews (dead).

Mauzer brought me a bird and placed it in my hand, it played dead for a moment longer then hopped up, and flapped around my loft space for an afternoon before being shooed out, and a live mouse that lived in the house for days until it was caught and eaten.
Heads are always fun. Though I had one cat that would leave me the face. Not the entire head, just the face.

Have to admit, THAT took a fair amount of skill.
Just a face sounds a wee bit Hannibal Lectorish.
My old cat Potato used to steal the packaged bread loaves and kill them for their bready goodness apparently. I would find dessicated bags of bread around the house.

Never saw the need for a breadbox before then.
But was it potato bread?
It certainly was after he was done with it.
A couple years ago my Archimedes brought a live mouse to chase around our computer room. I don't know if he ever caught it. So far my Murphy hasn't anything I am aware of. He likes a large space to throw his mice around in.




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