The other day, I'm sitting at my desk, minding my own business.  I stretch out my knee-cramped leg, and... put my bare foot into something.  I really should have looked first, because the texture/feel wasn't familiar.  Without thinking, I reached down and grabbed a compressed clod of grass.

Yes indeed... the youngest cat will carry them around, like great booty.  She brings them up from the basement garage when I forget to clean up anything I pull out from underneath the lawnmower.

What unexpected things does your cat drag in?

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Then there's the joy of the treat that is unseen. A couple years ago, in a time and place I could let mine outside at night once in a while but with a flap so they can get in and out...

I'm gently awaken from a deep sleep by the sound of a cat entering the flap, the distinctive 'meow' that indicates she has prey, and the terrified squealing of said prey. I just lay there in the dark and listened as the thing was carried to the food-dish area. I listened to the "Squeal!!! Squeal!!! Squeal!!! Squ... {crunch}"

I didn't think until that moment the sound effects alone could be just as gross as the visual.

But I do find it amusing that they will sometimes bring the prey inside and put it in the food dish to kill it and eat it. Hey, it is the established food area, right?



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