One of the reasons I created this group is because "Rainbow Bridge" pap leaves me in sugar overload, and every cat discussion board I've ever visited is saturated with it.

I fully understand loss and bereavement when a beloved cat companion dies, which is why I would never, ever rain on some Rainbow Bridge believing person's parade when their friend has died. However, if there were a Rainbow Bridge, I find it hard to believe that only animal companions who were well-loved by some smelly upright ape would be there, or that all the cats waiting there for me would magically get along, and all 50 or so (however many I end up having lived with before I die) would enjoy being one of 50.

Then, there's the whole issue of people calling me my cats' "mother". I don't remember pushing any kittens through my vagina. If I'd wanted offspring, I would have born children. I get to be a doting auntie to my nephews, which is what I always wanted to be. That, and a couple of cats have chosen to live with me. I think of them as companions rather than children.

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My cats are my _friends_, not my children! I totally agree with you; I am _not_ my cats' "mommy."

Yeah, that "Rainbow Bridge" garbage also bugs me. After my cats die, they're gone. Same thing applies to me; I don't believe in an afterlife for myself, either. I am an atheist after all.
When I die, I'd be happy if whatever nutritive value left in my body goes toward pushing up catnip.
Well said!
(although I must point out the vagina/pussy irony)
The rainbow bridge poem is like so much religious pablum, and it's annoying. Just another way of denying reality.
(although I must point out the vagina/pussy irony)

My subtlety is ruined! Ruined, I say!
I've also been quite annoyed by the 'rainbow bridge'. I lost my dear Creature Man on May 26th. He was 14. Pushy people have told me how my cat is now playing with their cat on the other side of the rainbow bridge. I don't want to push back because they're speaking of their own grief. One lady went so far as to say, "I'm praying you pass through this with as little pain as possible." I spoke up. People who know I'm atheist have made comments and watched me intently for signs my beliefs have changed. I have his ashes in an urn, but beyond that he's gone. Why would I believe otherwise?

I refer to them as my kids sometimes, though. More to push into someone's head how important my cats are to me. Nearly 5 years ago I came home to find one had died in a horrible accident. I lost a job because of the grief. I called out two days. "It's just a cat." Whatever. "How would you like to come home and find your son _____." When that freak tornado hit downtown Atlanta a few years ago I remember hoping their office was destroyed. (The office was next door to the Westin Hotel which was on the news.) They showed a file room with papers everywhere and everything soaked. It looked like theirs. I don't normally wish for bad things to happen to people. That's not me. That said, I still really hope that was their office.
Creature Man is a wonderful name.

I do make an effort not to cause further pain, but there are times my tongue slips its moorings. I'm working on being more pro-active than re-active. So, I appreciate what you said about not wanting to push back because they're speaking of their own grief.

What has irritated me about people calling the resident felines my "kids" or "babies" is that most of these people are gender essentialists, and think that women, by virtue of biology, must have children. I've had more than one person assure me that the fab furries are child substitutes. Neither gata has asked for a tattoo or multiple piercings, so that blows that argument right out of the water.

However... I'm glad you posted your perspective, as I'd never thought of referring to felines as kids as a way to reinforce how important they are in someone's life. I was too busy being pissed off to think that it could actually be a good thing.
I don't think my cats would mind if I carried them over, bribing them with treats as we go.

Your comment got me searching. I remember the Rainbow Bridge from Norse Mythology, but I didn't think it applied here because cats don't much resemble Norse gods, or Vikings.

Okay, maybe I was wrong.

Maybe this site is where the connection between a rainbow bridge and pets is where it all got started.
My cats have never been my babies - they are my owners! I refer to myself as my cat's primary slave. My partner and our roommate are his tertiary slaves as I am tertiary slave to my roommate's cats.
Heh. I often refer to myself as being cat-owned.
My heart is in pain right now, because I had to say goodbye to one of my two sweet little kitties just yesterday. :( I miss her so much and so does her "sister". I never had children, so I do call my cats "my babies". It doesn't matter what you call them....they are still a member of your "family". I maintain my house for the comfort of my kittehs. I'm not into that whole Rainbow Bridge thing either. Sorry, I seem to be just's hard to type with tears welled up in your eyes. :(

I love you sweet Emily Pearl!!!!
I'm so sorry to hear this, SecularHumanBN. Feel free to ramble on. Do you have a photo of Emily Pearl you could post?

My condolences, SecularHumanBN.




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