Not long after Madam (our black cat with a white "star" on her chest) adopted us, my favorite neighbor boy wanted to meet her. He recoiled when he saw that she is black. It blew my mind that someone had poisoned this kid's mind against black cats! Since then, he realizes that whatever nonsense someone had filled his mind with is wrong. I've since found out that black cats in US shelters have a lower adoption rate, and are euthanized at much higher rates.

So, this brings me to Myth #1:

I. Black cats are not "bad luck, nor are they witches in disguise, nor will they steal a baby's breath, etc... (This myth is only applicable in some parts of the world, as black cats are considered "good luck" in other places).

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I just ran into the "black cats are evil" thing the other day. My partner's sort of kids were over and one of them was yelling "get it away from me, it's bad luck!" at my kitty.
Messed up, isn't it?
Myth #2: Cats can suck the breath out of babies.

Yes, indeed. Evidently some of my relatives were aghast that my mother would let our beloved first cat (polydactyl tabby, "Mopsie), sleep with me in my baby bed. He was actually longer than me when he stretched out. Evidently there are people who still believe this crap.
Hi Meabh,

Thanks for teaching me a new word (Ailurophiles) yeap that's me, The cat who runs my life (Nicky as in Nicotine Fit) as you can see is black and he is stubborn, bossy and very arrogant and I hate to say it but he can get pretty evil (especially when he doesn't get his way, how can a 10 lb cat sound like a pony running around upstairs?) but I love him to death :-)

I had the tramatic experience of seeing my grey cat Jinxy being tossed into the basement by my Mom when I was about 5 because I found him sleeping in the crib with my baby sister, I called her over because I thought it was so cute that Jinxy liked the baby, well after Mom went goofy & threw the cat down in the basement I never liked my sister again (just kidding) Jinxy did end up with a broken leg though & I'm sure vet bills on top of 2 kids wasn't fun for my parents at that time..... (she did like Jinx I think she just freaked)
Hi Sue,

Nicotine Fit! What a hysterical name!

Cats can get away with all sorts of things I wouldn't tolerate from other species. For instance, I was awakened this morning by the sound of a plastic bag being ripped apart under my bed. The cultprit?

Well, me actually. I left some fig cookies I'd taken in case I needed a snack to a workshop yesterday, and forgot to take them out of my messenger bag. Evidently I had left them in the unzippered part of the bag. Cassie would make a good cat burglar. I reckon she wasn't trying to be "bad", she was just hedging her bets against starvation.

But still... I'm hoping I never have to take her to the vet because her gut is obstructed by a giant wad of plastic bits from all the bags she's torn apart.

Do you know if your mom believes/d that cats could/can suck the breath out of a baby?
Hi Grundge...sorry to tell you but this #2 myth has a lot of non-myth reasons. Cats have been known to place themselves over the baby's warm breath on cold nights. I don't have the url but it is a photographed/videoed (?) fact in addition to a piece I read many years ago about cat hairs in the air tract of a dead infant. Exceptions? Maybe...hardly something I would gamble with. I know that puppies suffocate one another, I have had that happen in a litter many years ago. I am quite sure that cats are not cognizant of the possible results of their actions.

I love cats and have had many over the years...usually single, heterosexual and a cat lover...some people have all kinds of "identifiers" for gays...they are also usually ignorant as a stump post which brings up black cats and Fundamental Christians.

Our local FunDummie minister hates black cats and most FunDummies think they are evil...but HEY, you have to be an uneducated, ignorant, moron or you can't be a dedicated keep your cats away from Christians in general. People in our rural county and tiny town keep to themselves generally but the local Xian community is quite rural, insular and prone to stupidities. They do kill cats off hand around here. Mostly try to run over them and mostly younger males, and by young I mean immature up to about 30 years old.

My favorite cat was a Brown Havana Brown and as her pregnancy termed, she hopped on the bed, curled up and shoved against me, and popped out the first kitten. While pregnant she and I ran dogs out of the yard. She would actually alert me with a meowrrr in my direction and run out the door right behind me, scouring one side of the yard as I did the other. I would withhold treats and food in an attempt to get her to mimic me. Food? Food? Food? and also letting her out...Out? Out? Out? I was very persistent and over a 9 year period she managed to master 4 or 5 words related to our home and her needs. She seemed to lose interest when I tried antidisestablishmentarianism.
We used to lock my indoor/outdoor black cat inside on Halloween, because apparently attacking black cats is a holiday tradition for some hateful morons (probably teen boys). Oh, and in Germany black cats are good luck, but WHITE cats are bad luck.

Myth #3 If a single man owns a cat (especially more than one), he's gay.
We generally lock our cats up before dusk on a daily basis. There are so many predators here that are more likely to nab them than during the day. Halloween, yeah. I'd heard that black cats are good luck in Germany.

Heh. Good myth. Most of the men I know are cat people, and some are gay and have more than one cat, but... some are not gay and have more than one cat.
I don't know about cats sucking the breath out of babies. Mine just suck the money out of my account for food and litter.
You need more minions, Stephen.
Heh. Sure, if someone wants to give me an infinite flight voucher.




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