A National Geographic article discussing an ancient burial find: 

The carefully interred remains of a human and a cat were found buried with seashells, polished stones, and other decorative artifacts in a 9,500-year-old grave site on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This new find, from the Neolithic village of Shillourokambos, predates early Egyptian art depicting cats by 4,000 years or more.

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Man, I got really lucky. Mr P. follows me around the house, begs for food/water, and comes when called.
Man, I got really lucky. Mr P. follows me around the house, begs for food/water, and comes when called.

I lucked out with mine as well. Have never had a dog that would walk with me off-leash without running off, but all of my cats do. They more or less come when called, just sometimes take a minute to get there. Even had one who played fetch!
Mine only come when the food bag is shaken, lol. Or if they somehow sense I'm going to the kitchen. But they definitely follow me around, they'll stage invasions outside my room, or try and get into to the bathroom if I'm in there.
My Archimedes doesn't really come when called or specifically when anyone enters the kitchen or the bathroom where he decided he wanted his water bowl. Archie never over eats so we leave his dry food out for him and when he wants wet cat food he jumps on a stool we keep from in the kitchen.

My Murphy on the other hand is completely opposite. He comes when called, or step outside, or go anywhere near where he has ever been fed.
And yet they're still so independent and self-sufficient!  My cats are lovey sweethearts who sleep on my bed and seem to want my company, but I always have the idea that they're just tolerating humans and really have their own secret life - a wild one!  Their attitude seems to be "here's this human who feeds me and gives me a warm place to sleep.  Why not take advantage of it? I can always leave if it doesn't work out."  I think that's what I love about cats - they never gave it all up to be with humans.
Thanks for the wonderful article!


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