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Your feline companion looks young. How old is s/he?
I am not sure hold old he is, he was a stray and adopted me three months ago,I think prolly less than 6 months.He tells his cat friends that his name is Grrroar destroyer of mice, to everyone else he is Binky
Yes, Binky doesn't quite have that edge of fierceness that "Grrroar destroyer of mice" has.
LOVELY! Grrroar destroyer of mice/ Binky is gorgeous!

This is Boo Boo Kitty.
She's about about 15 now.
How formal! Does she wear a tuxedo all the time?
I love her white whiskers. Nice contrast against her black bits.
I think she should be the elder statescat of Atheist Ailurophiles. She already has stately formal attire.
I have a tuxedo cat as well. They are lovely companions. Mine has quite the bi-polar character tough.. Thanks for sharing your pic.

This is Moses, my beloved 9 year old.

And this is Sierra, my ever so bossy yet lovingly cuddly 8 year old.
Wow Pixy, there's a striking resemblance between you and Moses! :P
Ok - always been more of a dog person but with recent lifestyle changes which are not conducive to dog ownership I adopted a couple of kittens and simply raise them like dogs. ;-) I haven't been the least bit sorry!

I live full time in a teeny-tiny RV and the cats are allowed to roam so long as we're somewhere reasonably safe (they tend to stick close by).

The pics, in order, are Gatito Cinco, Gatito Seis, and Odie. Cinco and Seis are sisters out of the same litter. Their names come from my gut feeling when I got them that they are Spanish-speaking, however I speak little Spanish. 2 weeks after not coming up with any names - simply calling them 'Gatitos,' I sat holding one, thinking of their wild-kitty personas, determined to discover her name. "How do you say Conan the Destroyer in Spanish? How do you say tornado? How do you say hurricane? ... Hey! Hurricane! Cat 5 Hurricane - Gatito Cinco! Well if you're a Cat 5 Hurricane then your little sister over there destroying my plant is a Cat 6 even though the scale doesn't even go that high."

Odie was a stray kitten who just showed up one day and super-glued himself to me (and sadly disappeared right before I moved - I'm thinking he decided he belonged to the place, not the person). A couple of days of calling him "Orange Dude" I shortened it to "O.D." While I hate the Garfield comic I do like the character of the dog, Odie, and his insane affection for everyone around him, much like my little Orange Dude. So the name stuck.




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