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Good of you to put in a sink bed that color coordinates with Olivia, and just for her use. Also, even if Mila Bean didn't continue to use the human facilities, just having a photo of him perched over it is a win.
Wow, you've got quite the colony going. And here I thought I was my neighborhood crazy-cat-lady with only 3 of them following me around.
I have a feeling that is a well-loved crew.

There is my fluffy man Archimedes.
... looking like he really, really enjoyed that tasty canary.

Too handsome!
Gorgeous. That image of Archimedes is just begging for a caption.

name: Mitsou (honey in Japanese!)
Age: 10 yrs.
favorite hobby: playing with toy rat
What a lovely picture!

found: local SPCA
annoyance: meowing loudly to play at 3 am.
Heh. Are the partial Siamese at least partially less communicative?
Lacey's meow is very much like a siamese. Her body shape is long, long tail, more triangular head, pointy ears, indeed like that of an Asian cat.

Mitsou is a domestic short hair with very nice blue eyes. Her meow is very much like the cat Tiggy on youtube, and thus the annoyance when it is the middle of the night.


Less fuzzy pic..




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