Presenting 'Rich Cats Of Instagram,' Or The Most Spoiled Felines You've Ever Seen (PHOTOS)

All hail prissy kitties and divine felines! The internet's unofficial mascot, the cat, is taking over photo-sharing site Instagram -- and in $tyle!

Much like the wealthy youngsters featured on "Rich Kids of Instagram," an infamous Tumblr blog documenting flashy habits of monied children via their public photo uploads, many of the spoiled cats on Instagram seem to be living lives more glamorous than ours. These fancy fur balls model upscale accessories, lounge with bottles of champagne, sail on yachts and ponder life while relaxing atop piles of money. They are the "Rich Cats of Instagram" (#RCOI).

To gather these (ridiculous) images, we scoured Instagram statistics site Statigram for portraits of diva kitties living it up. Porches, pedicure, pearls and more await you in the gallery (below), dedicated to the ultimate One Percent of the pet world.

What do you think of these Rich Cats of Instagram? Do you have an image of your own to contribute? Sound off in the comments section, or send us a picture of your own classy cat to @HuffPostTech (or by clicking the link below), and we'll retweet our favorites. Then read up on general Instagram no-no's, or learn more about what happens when rich kids overshare on social media.

UPDATE: For even more amazing snapshots of spoiled felines, check out this tumblr.

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how cute Patricia. What a lovely cat.

Well, I wouldn't put heavy jewelry on a's sort of like gildding a lily...they don't need any decorations IMO.  They come with the finest fur coats in the universe, including:

I agree Felaine.  I'd also say it's not spoiling them.  My guess is they don't like it.

Well, I must admit that I know of a few cats (strangely enough, several were Siamese) who were taught to play dress-up from kittenhood (by little girls), and seemed to enjoy it. I never actually saw one in doll clothes or jewelry, but I was told that they would just purr and purr.  I didn't mention that cats will purr when they feel stressed as well as when they're happy.

I've never even been able to train a cat to wear a harness and leash, but I have seen other people walking their cats outdoors.  I guess if you start them early....

But I'd rather have my cats just be cats....not little people.

Oh, Patricia!  I love that photo; wish I could enlarge it....not only dressed, but in a high chair.  Kissy-kitties!

I love cats and pictures of cats, but I don't enjoy culture that applauds the lifestyle of the 1%. NOT GREEN.




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