Well, since I'm new here I'll post a little over my favorite kitty.

  • Savannah
  • Savannahs are incredibly interesting cats. They are the result of breeding a standard domestic cat with the serval, an African wild cat. The first Savannah had a Siamese mother, but Savannahs simply need to have a serval ancestor to be considered for the breed. Savannahs have wild-looking spots, stripes, and markings, but the patterns will differ, depending on the domestic cat breed used. Generations are marked by “filial numbers”, showing how far removed from the serval ancestor they are. An “F1″ Savannah had a domestic cat parent and a serval parent. An “F2″ Savannah had a serval grandparent, and so on. Savannahs who had a serval father and a domestic cat mother are 50% serval. Those cats can be bred back to servals to the point where resulting kittens are 75% serval… sometimes even up to 87.5%! Savannahs are generally incredibly large cats. F1 cats can get up to 30lbs. in weight, but later litters of smaller filial numbers will be smaller.

    They are often compared to dogs in their loyalty, and will follow owners around the house, play fetch, and can be trained to walk on a leash. Savannahs greet people by head-butting them, though some may pounce. Savannahs tend to love water as well, and will even jump into the shower and join their owners. Water bowls around a Savannah will prove messy, as they like to bat the water out of the bowl until empty. They are also known for their jumping ability. From a sitting position, Savannahs can jump 8 feet straight into the air. Savannahs are also interesting vocalists, and will chirp, meow, and hiss. Their hiss is a throwback to their serval ancestor, and sounds more like an angry snake than a cat.

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Welcome to the group, Christina.

This is a great essay about the Savannah. It's obvious you put a lot of time and energy into it, and it's very informative. However, we have a category for cat breeds. Would you please move this over there?


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