Can you think of any besides Jones from "Alien"


and Spot from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"



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Heh. Looks like one of Félicette's relatives.

Félicette, first cat in space.
I'll have to ask the resident scifiholic if he has that one.
I don't know about that one, but Fritz also did the classic story "SpaceTime for Springers."
Somehow I ended up with a copy of "STAR KA'AT" by Andre Norton and Dorothy Madlee.

Oh, my!  A wonderful story, but the end made me cry! 


Mr. Lieber was such a talented person, and a kind, gentle man.

Yup. Spock is a cat person.
I realize I am stretching the definition of "Cats in Space", but there would be no LOLTrek without LOLcats/cat macros.
What if lolcats had a TV channel? What kind of shows would be on it?

The answer is clear: they would show Star Trek.
....Stephen Granade
Good point, JstNEarthling!

Does he sign pawtographs?
Someone should tell him that his shuttle won't lift off...
From Fotos gatitos




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