My reasons:

1. Semi-Unconditional Love: My cats accept me as I am, unlike most family, some ex-friends, and lovers who have come and gone. I'm not sure how accepting they'd be if I didn't open bags of kibble/cans of food or scoop their litter boxes, but unless the recession/depression gets really bad, I won't have to find out.

2. Purring: My favorite sound in the universe. It's helped me fall asleep on many an almost sleepless night, comforted me in times of stress, and made a good day even better. When our cat with the mostly silent purr exhibits a slightly audible purr, it's a special day.

3. Cats Don't Eat Their Own Shit: Need I say more?

More, but I have to go amuse the felines.

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4. Warmth: Three cats in a sleeping bag with one human animal keep four very warm on a cold winter's night. It's basic math.

5. Less Genetic Diseases Than Dogs: This is science.
The genetic diseases, aren't they mostly for overbred purebreds? Mutts are highly underrated!!
Yes, but I think even mutt dogs have a higher incidence of genetic diseases than cats.
6. I never have to take my cat out to use the bathroom...then carry around its warm poop in a baggy until I get back home.

7. Cats don't try to lick inside my mouth.

8. I don't have to listen to them panting loudly.

9. They don't lick themselves all loud and spitty and breathy like an obscene phone call.

10. My cats never run up to a guest and blatantly start rummaging around that persons crotch area in front of everyone.

11. They don't dry hump my leg.

12. Their nails are only out when they want them out. Dogs jump all over you and stab you.
I do like some dogs, but my friends have this annoying pug who breathes like a gremlin and they think he's the cutest, awesomest thing ever...I don't get it.
People should stop breeding animals for built-in deformities. Let the ones that are alive live, and the pregnant ones deliver, but spay and neuter all living animals from deformed breeds.
Heh. Excellent additions.

13. Cats are living sculpture. I've often looked at art in galleries and wished I could afford it. My cats are constantly taking on new and interesting shapes and forms, and their maintenance only costs a fraction of the price.
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Loving cats is like loving nature: all beauty and calm, but always the potential for extreme and sudden violence.
Cats are works of art, and know it very well.
Pound for pound, a cat is the most powerful and dangerous animal on earth, discounting armed and stupid humans. If a 8 pound cat can put me in a world of hurt in two tenths of a second, imagine what a 700 pound tiger can do!
Cats are consistent- total devotion as long as they get their way.
Cats have self respect, and leave the respect for others to the dogs and people.
Cats are the only real gods (at least in their own minds).
Cats are a paradox- soft but sharp, supple but wired tightly, calm but always ready to explode, the ultimate yin and yang.
So, what does this put us up to now, 20?

Great additions, Catdoc. Speaking of a world of hurt, our neighbor's tiny (less than 8 pounds) cat always gets her vet to suit up in advance.
Cats are low maintenance. When I see dogs being all happy and excited sometimes I think it would be nice to take them on walks and stuff but to be honest I am a lethargic person and I don't think I would have the energy to take good care of them. Cats are kind of subtle.

Cats are the size of a baby. This is a size people are programmed to think is maximum cute, I think. And they are much cuter than babies in my opinion. I don't really find babies cute most of the time. Also, they don't cry and you don't have to change any diapers. (Kitty litter is less disgusting than cleaning up after babies or dogs, and you can ignore it for awhile.)

Cats can be left home alone. Some dogs can't, or they need special arrangements, or you want to take them places but can't. Also, more apartments allow cats.

Cats don't need to be kept in cages. I like snakes and other animals but I like to have an animal that doesn't need to be confined to a little cage. Also, some exotic pets are obtained in unethical ways, but you can adopt a cat and be helping someone.

And yes, the purring is something that only a cat can do and it's awesome.
24 now, eh?

Many cats are low maintenance. Mine enjoy walks, but they're more like explorations of their currently claimed territory. The Elder Cat will linger by the door, looking in the window, in hopes that we'll come with her. The Younger Cat needs some sort of stimulation every day or she ends up irritating the Elder Cat, who then does her best imitation of the Bride of Frankenstein. The Younger Cat can't be let out on her own, as she's still not road savvy.
25. Good for what ails ya. I'm currently ill, but I certainly feel better when one or more of the cats curl up with me. Purring for extra comfort points.




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