I'm going to leave the first two that came to mind for someone else to post.

Caboodle Ranch.

Caboodle Ranch is a 30 acre non-profit cat rescue society founded by a single individual - Craig. The story of how the ranch got started, and how he didn't even think he was a cat person is heartwarming.

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Stuffonmycat.com . It isn't my favorite but it's amusing. Just picture of cats with, well, stuff on them lol.
Heh. I'd forgotten about stuffonmycat.com. Love that site! Someone got me the original book a few years ago. I didn't realize they'd published more.

Who knew that Basement Cat could fly?

Of course!
Great site! I'm more likely to cross the street when a gaggle of frat boys are walking down the road, than big guys with tats. Especially a big guy with a tat carrying around a kitten.

How could I forget? Thanks for the reminder.
not just cats... but there is a cat section! AND ITS JUST TOO CUTE!
Must... resist...
www.moderncat.net , for your stylish kitties!
I spent a lot of time on this site when you posted this link.

If you miss Skepticcat's cat macros and stories, he has an online journal.
The About.com cat site. A wealth of top-notch information, including Cat Behavior 101, Care of your cat from kittenhood to Senior Years, etc...




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