Ok lets begin, show off pics of stuff youd made even if it looks nasty lol^_^

my first actual sculpture cake, a car (most thought it was a voltswagen, it was really a toyota lol note the logo )

Bf's bday cake, the great Marilyn Manson, i edited the pic on photoshop and laminated it (a lot thought i painted it, flatered as I was teheehe)

and last but not least, some strawberry mousse tarts i did on dinner, god they were good, still lookin for the damn recipe me and my retarded ass lost it >_p style="text-align: left;">

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I want the tart please....
That cake is awesome LP!!! I could never do something like that. >_< I've never actually had fondant before. Is it just sugary? Or what?
I've tasted only one type of store bought fondant and I didnt like it at all. Im probably gonna try to make it, that way I have more control of the flavors.^_^
lol the cake is super adorable!!! and of course, as soon as i find it i'll post lol
Dora Cake w Photoshop pic

Decorating Class^_^

Valentine's Day Pie, Chocolate Ganache w Mixed Berry Bottom

The Dora cake scares me, the clow is creepily awesome, that's a fucking epic rose! What did you make it out of? And that pie looks sooo good. Gimmie some! >_/body>
lol the roses are made of a firm icing, with merengue powder that dries it out really fast if you leave it exposed for a couple of minutes.
lol first decorating exam, Viola!

Second Decoration test lol Mr. Rawrnosaur tehee

We ate his belly, it was delicious ^_^

My carpal tunnel just hurts looking at that. >_< How long did that take to ice?
4 hours straight.....it sucked lol
You're really good with those roses! Have you made any other flowers?




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