How are you all going, My wife and I are both Vegan and as my wife is a Celiac we consume no gluten. I make bread for us as it is much cheaper than store bought gluten free bread. However My results are not as good as I think I could achieve with some advice. I use Laucke Gluten Free Flour and a standard electric oven with fan force turned off. I use water at about 30 -35 deg C for my mixing and then let it rise in the griller which is off but with the door closed it is a nice still environment at about 30 Deg C. After 25 mins I then take it out and place it in a pre heated 200 Deg C oven for about 40 minutes. All this is done in a large silicone loaf tray place on a steel tray So as I can take it out of the griller box and into the oven with as little disturbance as possible.

   Although I am getting some beautiful results its still not as risen as I think it would be with yeast (obviously not an option) So I was thinking maybe the trick would be to let it rise in the oven at about 35 deg and then switch it up to 200 on fan force. this way the risen doe would not be disturbed by all the removing and placing in the oven...

Any advice would be Awsome and I will post some pics if it helps. however I can highly recommend the Laucke product So far....cheers

Kind regards 


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