I joined a motorcycle club last May. My two closest friends in the club were a Morman and a Southern Baptist. We used to make the joke, "An atheist, a Mormon and a Southern Baptist walk in to a bar..."

At any rate, after a few months of philisophical discussions, the Mormon informs he that he is actually atheist and, on another occaision, the Southern Baptist shared that he is agnostic... What a hoot!!!

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Some people just need a little reasurance that they are not crazy or evil, that religion really does not make sense!
It's true. It really surprised me. Both of these fellas are good thinkers, but neither has been educated in critical thinking. Also, it takes balls to be an atheist. You have to give up the fantasy of a magical, loving father... and deal with the uncertainties of life as a true adult.
Here they tend to be bigoted, misogynistic, christian, ex-military guys




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