(1971) - Color - 88 min
LikeTelevision's movie channel proudly presents -Angels Hard As They Come, a classic biker movie. Warning: This
film contains some gratuitous nudity, drugs and foul language, like
most biker films. Angels Hard As They Come, was made in 1971, is an
interesting piece of film history for a lot of reasons. Jonathan Demme
produced the film and helped write the screenplay. Demme is best known
for directing Philadelphia with Tom Hanks and Silence of the Lambs
starring Jodie Foster as Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as Dr.
Hannibal Lecter. But here's a little factiod tie-in - Scott Glenn, the
hero Long John in Angels Hard As They Come played Clarice's boss, Jack
Crawford and Roger Corman was FBI Director Hayden Burke in Demme's film
adaptation of the terrific Thomas Harris novel. Small world, huh?. Also
of note, Angels Hard As They Come marks the screen debut of Gary Busey,
who stars as the hippy, Henry - while in real life, he's an avid biker.

Look out - the bikers are not very nice to the hippy girls!

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I love these old biker flicks. The other day I watched Beyond The Law (ref: and/or and/or The leader of the drug/weapon smuggling biker gang (The Jackals) is a character called Blood played by Michael Madson. I'm not familiar with the liketelevision site, but I searched for Beyond The Law and it did not surface. After the steaks come off the grill, I'll put my leg (in cast) up on my desk, crack open a few cold ones (with Jim Beam chasers) and scope out Angels - Hard As They Come. Sounds skeery. I'll keep the lights on. Thanks for the link.
I think I may have seen Beyond the Law years ago, but I don't really remember it (like 90% of the movies I've seen.). I'll have to check it out again.
My favorite ...Hells Angels on Wheels, with jack Nicholson, and Adam Rourke. This movie I personally blame for my WAM fetish to this day!! Saw it when I was about 5!!
LOL... I love that one too! Weird ending...

Is it available on the web for free?
Here are a couple YouTube links to biker flick compilations:

"There's No Way Back From It!:

Jesus Trip trailer:

Hahaha. What a goof!
Well, this hippy girl is a biker. So this film might leave me conflicted.
It is sooooo politically incorrect. But, a pretty interesting contrast between the hippies and the bikers back then. The Billy Jack movies did the same thing sans the bikers (badasses vs peacenix)

hippy girl is a biker

Can't get much cooler than that ;-)
hippy girl is a biker

Can't get much cooler than that ;-)

Oh but it does: Hippy biker brainiac scifi-nerd whose pets are three cats and a snake.

Doubt there are many matches to that on OK Cupid. :-P
Even better!

three cats and a snake

Where do they ride?
If I must transport any of them by motorcycle, I'm sorry to say they don't eagerly sit on the gas tank with little helmets and goggles. More like in a carrier, emitting unearthly yowls of protest not unlike the sounds of demons being tortured in hell.

Except for the snake. He's a pretty quiet passenger.



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