How about picking a place and date to have a get together? Atheist Biker Convention! Ride With Just Your Hide!

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I totally would. Though I think we're a pretty spread out group.
Yes, but the fun would be riding there?!
That would be fun. I'm centrally located (US at least) so let me know. After all real bikers don't consider it a ride until you hit 500 miles. :)
"20 grand and 20 miles doesn't make you a biker."
Can't promise, but I'd love to.
So, I think the first thisg to iron out would be the date. What would be a good date that most could attend?
Well, of course I do just happen to live on the AZ/UT border ... the greatest part of the world to ride motorcycles. In fact, I'm fairly certain the whole reason motorcycles were invented was because driving a car through this part of the country with windows rolled up is just plain lame.

But I'm not biased or anything. :-P

As to when, if I end up working for the park service, they might call a moratorium on any vacations at all like they did last year (pussies). If not, Spring/Early Summer and not on a holiday would probably be best for me, as if they don't put a stop to vacations right away, they will by mid-Summer.
I have always wanted to ride out there. There is a cool chopper run from Cottonwood, AZ to Rockingham, NC. It's a two week deal and they pick up riders all along the way.
Ooh, Cottonwood! That's right next door to Camp Verde where I lived for my first few years here in AZ. Looks like a cool ride. Two weeks of motorcycle goodness ... mmmmmmm.......
I know... The timing is just about a week off for my schedule. I think that would be a real experience to ride with a big group half way across the country, What a trip!
I am IN!!!
Summer is best fer me.


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