How about picking a place and date to have a get together? Atheist Biker Convention! Ride With Just Your Hide!

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I am open to riding ANYWHERE... But here is a really nice biker camp ground in the Smokey Mountains:

I loved this place and it's only accessible by bike. It has cabins, tent camping, a covered pavilion w/kitchen, ponds and a stream, bath houses, and a cozy club house that looks like yer grandma's den. They also have a guitar on site, so I had a blast jamming with other riders.

The owners are uber tolerant, but "officially" alcohol is prohibited (I had some of the best moonshine I've ever tasted up there). The regulation basically translates as byob.
Just have one question, how many blessed bikes will be on the ride?
LOL... If there is one term I am SICK of hearing, it's "blessed."

If I get told to "Have a blessed day" again I'm gonna puke!

My bike is not just unblessed, but a cursed heathen. I named her "Nora" after the Viking dragon "Norbert," which means... "Eater of the Dead!"
The "Riding for The Lord" shit is so damn rediculous! The all-knowing-seeing deity should care less if a bunch of morons think he'd be impressed at their ability to keep a motorcycle upright!
It's unfortunate how much of that God stuff is entertwined in biker culture. Too bad... The image of a crew of badass atheists roaring up would be too cool!

Like the old saying goes "God and $2 will buy a cheeseburger."
Hey, that's why I searched for this blog! God seems to have 2 wheels!
God seems to have 2 wheels

Good to see all the responses. It would be great to make this happen. I think the logical time frame would be sometime in the summer. Is that doable for everyone? After that would be location. Two great ones have been suggested already: Utah (desert southwest), and North Carolina (Smokey Mountains, Tail of the Dragon, etc...). Personally I've never ridden either of those areas on a bike, but they sound great. They are however on opposite sides of the country which, depending on each persons available time, could be rough. I would also throw up the Black Hills in SD as an option. I took a week long bike/camping trip through there last year and it was great.

So I think we need to set a time frame and location first off. As long as I have a bit of advance warning I'm open for anytime from late spring to early fall, and any of the locations mentioned. This is actually getting me psyched up!
Let's all list our available dates, then we can vote on where to meet:

Ok, here are my best times:

May 14-26 (this is the least desirable for me, cause I will be pretty broke)
July 2-11
August 3-17
OK, my best times are from just after the 4th of July (family reunion) to the first week in August.
Assuming we decide a month in advance anytime after May would work for me.
Sorry, won't know until I get the Summer job. At least another month or two before that happens.



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