Doesn't seem to be too much activity here, so I'll start!
Let's hear about your rides.
Currently riding a 2006 HD Sportster 1200 custom, two tone paint (red & black), I've got the HD Screaming Eagle pipes and stage 1 intake, brawler solo seat, and a ton of chrome. I currently have about 1700 miles on it, and I just sent in the last payment Monday!
Not a quite a good choice for a first bike, dropped it twice while learning to ride, then late last year, some tool rear ended me. His insurance fixed everything. (Even the damage from where I dropped it.)
It's a good little bike, but lately I've fallen in love with the new 2010, Dyna Wide Glide.
My local dealer is expecting one of the limited editions with the flames last week of September.

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A buddy of mine rides an older BMW sport bike, they make some nice bikes.
I've spent a lot of time this year looking at his tail-lights. ; )
I bought an 86 Honda Nighthawk 750 this spring. I've been learning to ride over the summer and have just started out on the highways. I'm probably over-cautious, but I just figure I should comfortable with what I'm doing before I push too far. I am aiming to cruise the trail in Nova Scotia or a long weekend trip to Quebec City or even Ottawa by the end of Fall.
Thanks for the tip. I'll make sure to add it to the trip. How long did it take to get there and back from home? I really want to see more of both our countries when I get more comfortable with highway and long distance riding.
2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. Although I laid it down on my way to Denver a few months ago and while it's repairable, it's still stuck in Denver (a good 600 miles from where I live).

Being more often poor than not, it's not just a motorcycle, it's my I-can't-afford-a-car. In my current situation, I can get around town without motor transport, but I'm really missing it!

About 150,000 miles. No, that isn't a typo. 150,000 miles. Did I mention it's my only car?

In addition to hopefully getting my baby back and repaired soon, Cool Backyard Mechanic #1 is building me a new custom bike. Yes, I'm still poor but this is his art, he insists, and is building it out of existing, used parts for dirt cheap (i.e.; whatever I can send him).

In addition to that I've just partnered with Cool Backyard Mechanic #2 and his partner in crime as they are starting a new Custom Chopper/Motorcycle biz. I'm to be their Webmaster/Network Admin/All Things Computer Geeky.

He teases me about my disloyalty in having my first custom bike built by someone else, saying he'll just have to build me a second bike to compete with Mechanic #1.

Ahhh... it's good to have cool backyard mechanics!
I ride a 1990 Heritage Softail Classic rain, snow or shine. Love it! My favorite ride is "the Snake" up Hwy 421 between Boone, NC and Mountain City Tn. Also love Hwy 7o and Hwy 9 between Asheville and Chimney Rock.
Ha! I think you win the tons-O-gear-on-the-back contest!
And no doubt discovering along the way 101 creative ways to tie 250# of shit down with 101 bungee cords.
Man, I want to do the same thing. Seems like a GREAT adventure!
I work as a college instructor. I could totally take a summer and hit the road. Would love to go West. I have never traveled out of the South!
I hear ya man. I'm not getting any younger. Don't want to wait until I'm so old that I'm on a trike or in a side car!
As for places to ride, I've only ever owned a motorcycle while living in Arizona, so that would make me a wee bit biased towards that region.

What I did learn very early on is to try and take back highways whenever possible rather then the Interstates. They're more interesting. You pass right in front of all the farms and such. And around here there aren't so many little towns so as to slow me down but just enough to again keep the ride interesting. While the speed limit is a little less than on an Interstate, I find I make better time because I don't fatigue as easily.

And of course Sirius Satellite Radio tuned to a classic rock station helps immensely with one's appropriate biker soundtrack. ;-)


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