Maybe it's me. I live in a world full of Conservative Christians. Being a soldier and biker in Texas keeps me surrounded. So when I venture online to look for fellow bikers to ride or share information with, I get lured into discussions on politics and religion. It seems that so many of these biker sites love nothing more than bashing Obama, abortion rights, immigrants, and gun control. What's more is I find that the basis of their gripes are easily disproved with a quick visit to Snopes or other sometimes even NRA's own home page (case of a recent rumor of Clinton signing some international agreement that will make the 2nd amendment null and void).
One of the things that I learned to love about riding when I first started was the people. The bikers I rode with in Germany would do anything for a fellow biker. I feel similar kinship with the bikers in the States, but there is something different too. Maybe it is this overall tendency for bikers to be right-wing religious types.
I sure hope that this and other similar sites will spawn a shift in demographics, or at least let other free-thinkers know it's ok to be yourself among some other bikers.

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Dude: Welcome to the real world. I'm a non-theist biker living in the bible belt. Your description is spot on. I love hanging with my riding brothers and sisters, but they are knee deep in religion and anti-left, pro-Limbaugh / Beck, etc. By piss luck, my #1 riding buddy is a left-wing atheist. We have learned to live with and tolerate a lot of what goes on around us (ie., at least 3 biker "churches" in our town of 50K ppl). We were both active in ABATE. When I was a chapter coordinator, I was ranting about some political bullshit and said "god damn politicians". One dude in the back stood up (irate) and said if I used the lord's name in vain one more time he would quit the organization. Feeling your pain, JJ
I know exactly what you mean. So many bikers are paradoxical. They are anti-establishment AND right wing!?! Weird. May be because bike clubs were first started by ex-military folks.

I am thinking about joining a club with nothing but right wingers, but the support for me as a brother overrides differences in political, social and religious views.
I'm the same way. My best riding buddy is a staunch Atheist as well. His wife, like mine says I shouldn't be so vocal about it. It sucks that now he has moved away to California. My small group of bikers are pretty cool and for the most part aren't vocal conservatives. It's sure nice to have the rare atheist friend to talk to freely.
I get back from Afghanistan in mid-July. Maybe some atheist bikers in central TX might be interested in getting together for a ride when I get back. I'm missing those intellectual conversations over beer or BBQ!
Dude: I'm interested in your thoughts about joining a club. You have my email. JJ




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