I'm seeing fewer bikes on the road -- and spending less time with mine, as well. Who still gets out for winter riding?

I recognize that this topic offers you southern hemisphere riders an opportunity to gloat.

(reposted here after the Iron Horse Atheists group's untimely demise)

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Greetings from sunny Queensland. Summer time, summer time etc. *gloat, gloat* Actually it never gets cold enough here to force people off the roads. I don't know that I'd be going out in the snow, but there is no danger of that.
I would be if I had a ride. :-(

Existing bike is still stuck in Denver post-wreck, waiting for me to get the means to travel up there to get it.

Custom bike in the works will be in the works for a while. But it's art, I'm patient.

Normally, so long as there isn't snow on the ground, I ride year-round. I'm in Page AZ right now and with 3 seasons it's feasible. Just takes a lot of fleece and layering!




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