Anyone care to share some Buddhist books they enjoyed? Here's my list of recommendations:

[highly recommend]
1) The Naked Buddha
2) The Art of Happiness

3) Destructive Emotions
4) The Universe in a Single Atom

5) The Meaning of Life
6) How to practice

Has Anyone read?:
7) What makes you Not a Buddhist
8) How to see yourself as you really are

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I love your quote. I must get the book. A book I liked was Everyday Zen by Charlotte Joke Beck.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading "The Feeling Buddha" and "The New Buddhism" by David Brazier. The former rationally explores the psychological utility and (in Brazier's view) purpose of the Four Noble Truths. The latter expands on this idea as it relates to contributing to a better world. I've never looked at Buddhism (or myself) in the same way since!
Stephen Batchelor's "Buddhism Without Beliefs" takes an agnostic stance, which is surprisingly compatible with a non-theist view.
Watch for Batchelor's new book, "Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist" coming out later this year. You can also download his talks on secular Buddhism from
hi all, when i first started getting interested in buddhism, 3 books really helped me understand the philosophy of this beautiful way of thinking. they are:

1. Awakening the Buddha Within
2. Awakening the Buddhist Heart
3. Awakening to the Sacred

all books are by Lama Surya Das. they are very easy to read and easy to understand. i highly recommend one or all for a better understanding of what it means to become a buddhist.
For the four noble truths from a modern, practical, and slightly Theravadin bent, you can't do better than Philip Moffit's "Dancing With Life".




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