Hello everyone, I am new to the concept of Buddhism and am very curious to know more about it. I was brought up in a very strict christian home and have, obviously, grown up and out. I stumbled across a man called Alan Watts during my quest for 'the truth', and found that a lot of what he said seem to make more sense than anything I'd ever heard. That triggered my curiousity about Buddhism. I am a parent and would love to expose my children to these ideas because I had found so much peace just hearing some of the things that the Dalai Lama (on the web) was saying. How can I get started? Can anyone suggest books for me to read? It seems there are different ways to practise this, or may be that's just my ignorance of Buddhists principles. So here are two requests I'd like to put forth; (1) Any suggestions on books for beginners like me about the subject (2) Any suggestions on books for children, stories for them and so forth, as a kind of introduction about Buddhism.. thank you all

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Steve Hagen: "Buddhism: Plain and Simple"

Stephen Batchelor: "Buddhism Without Beliefs"

Walpola Rahula: "What the Buddha Taught"

Dogen: "Fukanzazengi"


Not familiar with any works specifically targeted to children but this may help:



good luck,


Hi Ruth,

I don't have any recommendations of where to get specific books, just some cautionary words I guess. As Christianity is not the religion of Jesus, I think the same can be said of Buddhism. People have an innate need to belong. That kind of person tries very hard to be a good Buddhist, not BE a Buddha. There is no need to practice. I'm not saying that it is bad, it just is not necessary or mandatory. All you need is to understand and incorporate into your being,so to speak, the essentials words of Buddha himself. Find the Noble Truths,The Eightfold Path and the Middle Way.
Thank you Rodney and Philip


 I think even better advice, don't listen to Buddhists. Listen to Buddha.

What is Buddha?




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