I was wondering if someone could tell me more about reincarnation. I've been a buddhist for a few years now and up until recently i've ignored the whole re-birth issue. I honestly don't believe that it is possible that after death for your "soul" or your "consciousness" travels to another body. I'd like to avoid the supernatural explanations.


  Have I interpretted the teachings of reincarnation improperly? Is there another interpretation? How do you view re-birth? Do you think it is important to the teachings of buddhism or can it be omited.


  Please share,

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"Reincarnation" is a mistranslation. The correct word to use is "rebirth".

From my perspective, it involves nothing supernatural.

Rebirth is the fact that we are reborn each and every single moment, because everything is constantly changing.

People point out that the Buddha was referring to rebirth after we die. I have a bit more trouble discussing rebirth in that scope. Perhaps its because our body is still changing forms and is being "reborn" each moment. Or maybe it deals with the impact that we left constantly giving birth to new situations.

Either way, the concept of "rebirth" is not the same as Hinduism's "reincarnation"

The Buddha used a lot of Hindu terms so that his followers could understand him.

Its the same thing with "karma". To me, karma is just the fact that shit happens. Whatever you do causes something else to happen.

There is nothing supernatural about that at all either.

I hope that I was helpful at least a little.

Michael Hutchinson
Thanks, very helpful.
Nothing supernatural about the universe recycling your energy that makes your consciousness and existence.
My interpretation? The physical enerygy and matter that compromises a human being breaks down after death, decays, and feeds the earth, returns to the physical world that it came and gives those who are still on this planet life. So in my thought, death is 'recycling' to benefit the living. Sounds kind of cold, but I like to think that the matter that made up my mother is being used in a good way by us.


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