I came up with the Idea for a Credit Union operated by Atheists, for Atheists.  Religious groups actually do this quite often.  The idea would be to try and create a Union that could operate nationally and provide financial services to it's members, especially those members who have suffered as a result of the economic downturn of the past couple of years.

Basically new members would have to be sponsored by existing members.  This method of operation is quite common and performed by many credit unions that are operated by church organizations.  Muslim groups do this same thing in order to provide banking services to muslims that operate according to their religiuos laws. 

Since I'm not fond of doing business with any of the banks that are out there now, and the business opportunities presented by a Credit Union are very appealing, I think that we can organize to establish this and probably get it off the ground in a year or so.

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Would be interesting. Though their customer service has improved a bit over the years, I like the idea of not being a slave to Chase Bank anymore.

WW... an atheist credit union would be an excellent idea. I'm surprised that you haven't received a lot of comments on it. I happen to be puertorican, and years ago, in the 1970s, I happen to find myself in Chicago, with a wife and one year old daughter, with no job and no money. I found a Puertorican Credit Union, housed in an old church, of all things, and it lent me $400.00 to help get me by, until I found a job, which I did.

Wow! What a fantastic idea WW! The IDEA about having a credit union, is NOT about getting into more debt, no way! On the contrary, it could include a program of classes, on "How to get out of debt", by consolidating all your bills, into just one reasonable bill, that you would pay the credit union, who would charge you a reasonable interest rate for it. Not only that, but that Puertorican Credit Union I told you about, also held "TRADE" schools of different types, so that people could learn a trade, if they were not up to their GED and college schooling, or couldn't afford it. They also provided Baby-Sitting Services to their members so the members could hold down there job, and improve their lives. WW...the list is endless what an atheist credit union CAN do, believe me. Ask me more, I know something about it.

I really like this idea.  Roughly, what are the steps to accomplish this?  The first step? 




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